There are some who know this and still carry on.
And there are some who roll up their sleeves and get to work.



A place where your ideas and decisions are implemented by 4000 young leaders across 23 cities in India.

Where you will be mentored by Global Experts on Solution Design, Mobilisation & Project Planning.

A place where there are no bureaucracies and hierarchies don’t matter.

And we are looking for Directors who will take the challenge by the horns and Make a Difference.


People who care about children at risk, are determined to understand the problems they face, and lead programmes across the MAD footprint. We are looking to add to our Operations Team by hiring individuals who are creative, adaptable, positive, and are willing to put the cause above themselves.

The Operations Team’s primary focus is to roll-out impact interventions, and innovate in how they are redesigned to fit MAD’s delivery model. The team manages all the impact programmes Ed Support, Transition Readiness & After Care and Foundations Programme across 23 cities, supports the development of programme content and advises on the needs of children on the ground..


Empower Young Leaders

You will recruit a team of highly passionate young leaders across the MAD footprint of 23 cities. You will train and Upskill them to induct them into MAD and help kickstart their journey as a MADster. Throughout the year you will then work with them in order to support and mentor them through projects, activities and ensure that they are mobilised and turbo-charged to work with our children.

Managing Complex Teams

You will be the prime mover and driver of the MAD values and culture on ground. Once you have recruited the MAD teams, you will be working to create a agile and positive team culture centered around change. You will be setting a team value of co-working and supporting each other and empower them to reach their leadership potential and solve problems effectively.

Project Management

The world changes when there are great ideas and great execution. You will work with cross-functional teams to enable smooth execution and project management of MAD programmes and interventions. You will provide oversight and support for the same by visiting cities and shelter homes.

Travel across the Country

With MAD operational in over 23 cities and 70 shelter homes, it goes without saying that you will be traveling to visit shelters, oversee programmes and train teams. You will be in a new community every weekend working with volunteers from wide walks of life.

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Loy Nelson
Programme Development Director,
Shelter Support

I experience an amazing work culture and a nurturing environment here which has played a huge role in developing and shaping me both professionally and personally.

Bharat Bhaskaran
Learning and Development

Make A Difference has allowed me to rapidly advance on a steep learning curve, it has also given me a great platform to work with some of the brightest minds in the country.

Harsha Jain
Programme Operations Director,
Transition Readiness & Aftercare

The organisation not only provides one various opportunities to portray leadership through, it also makes you believe that there can be a sense of family amongst the people you are working with.


An Open letter to all the applicants.

I have been a part of MAD for the last six years in various profiles and capacities and here is what I have noticed.

The MAD recruitment process for Directors is meant to be a journey rather than specific milestone that can be carved out on a calendar because that is how closely we look at people before we hand over the reigns of a team to them. Because as a MAD Director, your decisions and actions impact the future of Make A Difference, and ultimately, the 35 million children we will work with one day.

Which is why, I must tell you that as a Director, you will be pushed: by yourself. Over and over. In order to make your plan and program the best version of itself. You will compulsively scrutinize and monitor outputs and outcomes to make your plans adaptable over weeks and days, not months and years. You will fall in love with a problem or a challenge enough to be up all night trying to create something functional that can be rolled out to the country.

You will work with a team of cause focussed people who will have your back: no matter what. You will find solidarity in a tight knit family of 30 where you will not be alone when you work on problems. You will learn. So much so that you will not recognise yourself and your approach one year in. You will learn to love, serve and admire the 4500 young leaders across the footprint. You will collaborate with teams and people to create plans that will change the life of a child in a shelter far far away from you. Who you will see smiling, laughing and playing when you visit a shelter on a city visit and know that you have made a difference.

I say this because, honestly, MAD is not for everybody. And there is nothing wrong if it's not for you. By now, I am speaking to those of you who are still with me. You can go the rest of your life selling sugared water or you can come join MAD and change the world.

The choice is yours.

Shilpa G Manari
Director, Human Capital,
Make A Difference

  • The MAD Director Team with Azim Premji, one of India's biggest Philanthropists at the MAD Office

  • Michelle Obama interacting with children from one of our shelters in Mumbai on the Obamas' visit to India in 2010.

  • Rakesh, Programme Development Director, Education Support conducting a session at Leadership Conference 2015, Hyderabad.

  • Wednesday Team lunches.

  • Annual Team Trip (Leh, September 2016)