As an award winning NGO we are fighting against the coronavirus pandemic by mobilizing young leaders to support lives and livelihoods for children and youth in 23 cities and 65 shelter homes across India.

Today, the world is facing an unprecedented danger with COVID-19. The scale, spread and the longer term economic impact of COVID-19 is worrying. As each day unfolds, we hear stories of the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting millions of lives.

There remains a critically affected population, whose stories are less likely to be heard, and whose needs are still unseen in the midst of aid responses: homeless, institutionalised and displaced children/youth, who are in urgent need of care and protection.

Covid’s Implications
on Children & Youth in MAD

  • Anticipated increase in the influx of of children into the shelter care system.
  • Financial stress on the families are increasing, risk of child labour and child marriages on a rise.
  • Learning gaps are higher than ever because of class disruption leading to children dropping out of schools.
  • Many youth lost jobs and are barely able to make ends meet.
  • Breadwinners in the youth families losing their jobs, putting the high levels of stress and pressure of earning on the youth.
  • Regular donors pulled their support from shelter homes leading to the survival crisis for children.
  • Children locked down in shelter homes, have no means to reach out to their MAD mentors and volunteers, creating more detachment trauma for children.

Our Wide Range
of measures

Change in Model of Intervention to Online as most MAD on-ground events and activities may come to a standstill due to precautionary measures at shelters for the entire 2020

  • Creating communities around the shelters to ensure that children entering shelter have one on one care.
  • Mobilising these communities to provide for the needs of the shelter home like Food, supplies, etc.
  • Providing Gap bridging support for children and required life skills to cope with and thrive in the real world.
  • Engaging with the parents to ensure there is no breakage in the progression of the child.
  • Providing gap funding and online support system for the youth.
  • Providing MAD community homes as provisional stay options for our currently homeless children/youth.

Your Role: ACT to AID

For uninterrupted CARE and crisis SUPPORT

Our strength lies in building deep bonds between children and our volunteers, enabling them to develop and experience multiple positive relationships in their lives where they feel safe and cared for. Due to the COVID crisis, many of our children have been living with ongoing trauma and are in URGENT need of Individual CARE and Support through volunteers and mentors.

You can help us by SPONSORING and ENSURING we are able to provide continual CARE and SUPPORT to children entering shelter homes through our intervention

Aftercare Covid Resilience for the youth

Currently 70 youth and their families require direct financial assistance for basic living and MAD has been helping them with a need based stipend for the same. Your timely support will ensure they don’t fall out of care during these trying times.

Technology Support for Children in Shelters

Internet and technology infrastructure for 1:5 ratio for children living in shelter homes will ensure the lockdown does not affect the emotional, life skills, transitional and educational needs of the children during this period. 3500 children will be benefited from this immediately as well as in the long term.

Age Transitional Model

MAD currently supports 3500 children under our Age Transitional Programme which is a unique end-to-end programme aimed at ensuring that children get holistic integrated interventions at the right time in their development, starting from age 10 all the way through young adulthood until they hit stable life outcomes around age 28. Read More

Immediate Housing and Support for Youth.

MAD introduced the pilot Community home in Cochin to support youth as part of the Aftercare program. This is where youth who do not have a family of their own or can’t go back to them, live together making a self sustainable community together.

The cost of running the community home is right now borne by MAD until after a few years this becomes a self sustained chapter running on its own. The Community Home in Cochin is a temporary stay option for youth who have no place to go during the crisis.