Volunteer with MAD

Transform outcomes for children in need of care and protection by volunteering your time for one year. You can choose to teach, be a mentor or fundraise as a volunteer.

At Make A Difference, we ensure that children get the best of their city’s young leaders and they have role models to look up to

MAD has established itself as an exciting and energetic organization that provides unique platforms to create positive change in the lives of children around the country.

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Profiles At MAD

To start your journey in Impact and transformation, there are three kinds of roles that you can choose from to enter the MAD ecosystem and make change. What role will you choose to transform the life of a child in a shelter home?

Volunteer Voices

Hear from a few of our volunteers about their MAD journey!

MAD creates a safe space in which one can be his or her true self and shed all those masks. MAD let's you retain your individuality and doesn't mould everyone into the same shape. MAD wants to know our stories. And that's what makes it great for me.
Joshita Nag

Joshita Nag

Regional Manager - Human Capital,Mumbai

When I signed up for the role it was only about putting my efforts and time to the organization and the kids. Over the years, I have learnt to manage people, upskilled myself with lot of new techniques, taken trainings and worked with a lot of like-minded people.
Nikunj Gupta

Nikunj Gupta

City Team Lead, Vellore

MAD has been an integral part my life. Every weekend I grow fonder of the organization I work for and the people I work with. In my 3 years of MAD, never did I feel a lack of child connect or motivation. I am invested in our vision for a better outcome for vulnerable children.
Shubhrav Phate

Shubhrav Phate

City Manager - Human Capital,Mumbai