What we do: Solutions

Holistic solution, individual care and attention, age transitional and customised programmes for children combined with a willingness to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes is the MAD way!

Our Vision

All children in need of care and protection in India are able to realise long-term outcomes equitable with middle class

Equitable Outcomes

At Make A Difference, we believe that everybody should have a reasonable quality of life. A life in which they need not struggle or suffer to make ends meet. A life that allows one to provide reasonable safety and security to their families and children. A life that one can live with dignity and in their own terms.

We believe, a reasonable quality of life can be achieved if individuals are covered on two fronts: they are Free from Exploitation and they have the Ability to Cope with Life Crises.

Impact Meta-model

impact meta model

Age Transitional Model

age transitional

Foundation Skills: Age Group(years) 10-13


Focuses on the youngest age group of children that MAD works with, viz; 10 to 13 years, which will provide them with the foundations, hence enabling them to cope and develop themselves further even if they have to leave the shelter post the age of 14.

Ed Support & Dream Camps: Age Group(years) 14-16


Ed Support is a unique programme designed to ensure children in shelter homes receive the quality of support and 1-on-1 attention required to bridge learning gaps and enable them to clear Grade 10 and pursue higher education.

Transition Readiness: Age Group(years) 16-18


Transition Readiness focuses on young adults from the age group of 16 to 18 years. It equips and supports young people exiting out of shelters at the age of 18 years to successfully make the transition into the broader society.

Aftercare Programme: Age Group(years) 18+


The Aftercare programme provides support to young adults in the form of a reliable mentor after they leave their shelter and are admitted to college or vocational training, or placed in a job.

Mad scale and reach india ngo

Great Place to Work

Our delivery model is based on leveraging the passion and drive of self-motivated and high achieving young leaders. It is explicitly non-financially transactional because we’ve learnt that self-commitment is an important driver of quality and care, and more than any designed intervention, these are the biggest drivers of transformation in outcomes. This model also gives us a highly scalable, resource unlimited opportunity to drive change.

The three MAD Values

mad value cause above self
mad value leadership through ownership
mad values sense of family
mad work trust index

What Action will you take?

It is never to late to make a difference in a child’s life. If you ever see a child in strife, you can reach out to Childline on 1098 or the Police on 100, who will investigate. To make a difference on a larger scale, you can also help us spread awareness, volunteer, donate or join our team to make a difference.

Simplest of all, just be a champion for children! Sign up to join our care collective and help us build a passionate national family for children at risk.