Family Interventions
  • Parenting for seperation
  • Enabling relationship with children
  • Repatriation planning
  • Enabling Repatriation
  • Family team building
State/ Policy/ Legal
  • Documentation Support
  • Policy Change
  • Funding
  • Indicators
School Interventions
  • Teacher attitude regarding children from shelters
  • Teacher development related to managing children from Shelters
Community Interventions
  • Awareness programs
  • Sensitisation activities
  • Movement building
  • Mobilising support
  • Community support systems
Shelter Experience
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Management Support
  • Provide more care givers
  • Nutrition
  • Heath care
  • Sanitation
  • Child focused rules
Emotional Needs
  • Abandonment counseling
  • Values and expectations
  • Self esteem
  • Decision making
  • Prioritisation
  • dreaming
  • creativity
  • problem solving
Learning & personal development
  • Catch up classes
  • Language competency
  • Progression support
  • Comprehension
  • Rights
  • Financial planning
  • interpersonal skills
Work/ life perception
  • Vocational Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Finding job
  • Maintaining job
  • progressing within job
  • job placement support
After care
  • Alumni systems
  • Further education
  • Working progression
  • Financial progression
  • Crisis Support
  • Parenting training
  • Ongoining personal support

Service #1

Platform for the Youth

The biggest movements, that shaped history, ranging from civil rights to equality to suffrage, have risen out of tireless youth leaders fighting for what they believed in. Make A Difference provides a space for young people to step in, lead and make a difference in their own communities. By providing on-ground exposure, actively initiating dialogue and establishing a culture of entrepreneurship, MAD transforms the youth into a potent social force to strategically impact children at risk in their communities.

Service #2

Program Expertise

MAD nationally employs a panel of experts that conducts extensive need analysis and research on the needs of institutionalized children. Based on results, appropriate programmes are identified and tested in a structured manner. If successful, these programmes are standardized and made available to community leaders, who take up programmes based on the needs of the community. Programme expertise involves training modules, year-round support, mentoring, monitoring and evaluation for effective implementation.

Service #3

Process Expertise

To make multiple programmes work within the community, there need to be strong systems in place to ensure the quality of delivery. MAD teams in cities are provided comprehensive training on recruitment, fund-raising, awareness campaigns, managing financials, motivation and engagement. An internal process website is available for all young leaders and volunteers of MAD so that they can learn, reflect on existing processes and add to it overtime, thereby boosting community-powered process generation.

Service #4

Quality control

MAD takes complete ownership of the quality of delivery of our programmes delivered by our community partners across India. To ensure quality of the programmes, we have internally developed a volunteer management tool, MADapp, which provides real-time information on the performance of every child and every volunteer in the MAD programme on a real-time basis. This information is used to drive the quality standards nationally. Moreover, every community partner is reviewed on the standards that are outlined on Page 5 on a monthly basis and held accountable for the maintenance of the quality standards.

Service #5

Knowledge Exchange

Once a year, young leaders from across the country are invited to Leadership Circles to participate in a unique learning process, as part of MAD's youth development programme: LxD (Leadership x Design). These conferences, by setting up an entrepreneurial space and facilitating dialogue, provide a chance for these young leaders to have a say, or participate, in MAD’s growth, vision and future plans. MAD’s Leadership Circles are intensive 3-4 day affairs where Fellows are put through path-making workshops, do-it-yourself sessions and intense debates, all with the view of increasing the efficiency of the functioning of MAD chapters across India.

Programmes at MAD



Make A Difference (MAD) is a youth driven, non-profit organisation working to ensure equitable outcomes for children in orphanages and street shelters. Registered as a non-profit in 2006, Make A Difference reaches out to over 3,460 children in 67 shelters across 23 cities in India, through a highly efficient 3,822 strong volunteer network. Volunteers commit a year and spend between 2 and 10 hours every week mentoring, teaching and interacting with children in order to ensure that they get the support and care they need during childhood.


Our vision is that even the most vulnerable children in shelters are able to realize equitable outcomes. We understand the most vulnerable as children who either do not have a family to support them, or children whose families are unable to provide a safe space for them to grow up in. Many of these children end up in shelters,which struggle to address more than infrastructure and basic needs, so Make A Difference focuses on providing them with additional care and support systems to ensure that they flourish.


Our mission is to improve quality of life and outcomes for children in shelters and to ensure that every child is able to fulfill their potential irrespective of his or her circumstances.

Our minimum target is to ensure that these children are able to live a life free from exploitation and are capable of managing emotional and financial life crises. However our real goal is for children we work with to end up on par with a stable middle class demographic that allows us to break the cycle of poverty and abandonment.

Our work has been recognized by eminent people around the world, including Michelle Obama who chose MAD as one of the few organisations to visit on her trip to India in 2010. We have also consistently won awards for excellence, including:

Great Place to Work Institute - Top 20 Great Mid-Size Workplaces.
Merit for Encouraging Diversity & Inclusion for growth.
Great Place to Work Institute - Top NGO to Work For, India
Website of the Year India Award - Winner, Charities Category
iVolunteer Award: Winner, Volunteer Engagement
First Runner-up in the Mahindra Spark The Rise competition.
Starbucks Youth ActionNet Award Winner.
World Summit Youth Award Winner.
Winner in the best Medium Category NGO in the InDiya Shine initiative organized by


Make a Difference is a registered society under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955. We are a 12A registered society with section 80(G) status of income tax act and we are eligible to receive foreign funding via the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act. Our financial records are audited annually by G. Joseph & Associates.

MAD follows all financial regulations set forth for non-profits by the Government of India, and is audited annually.


80G | 12A  Registed Society | FCRA

Annual Report 16-17
"Make a Difference is an amazing program designed and run by young adults
who recruit other young people, outstanding college students like themselves, to mentor and teach children
who haven't had the same chances in life as many of the mentors have had."

Michelle Obama
First Lady, United States of America

1. How do I volunteer with MAD?

Register on this website. As and when we have our next recruitment drive in your city, we'll be sure to inform you, either through email or by phone!

2. There is no MAD in my city! How do I start a new chapter?

We've currently put a hold on our geographical expansions as we wish to stabilize operations and implement various more processes within our existing chapters!

You could apply to start a new chapter on the website (Register button); as and when we roll out our expansions we'll be sure to consider your application and inform you regarding the same!

3. I applied a long time back, but you haven't called me!

Unfortunately, Make A Difference does not have round-the-year recruitment drives. We only recruit once at the beginning of the academic year! If your email ID and phone number are already in the database, somebody from your city will be getting in touch with you as and when a recruitment drive comes around to let you know about the recruitment drive.

Do check your mail, and keep your phone on!

4. Why does volunteering as a teacher with MAD require a one-year commitment?

Unfortunately, Make A Difference is not a short-term engagement. MAD teachers are expected to commit for the duration of one year.

Why? Because the children we teach have been abandoned several times in their lives. And we can't have teachers walk in and out, every other weekend. A constant and steady relationship is needed to cultivate that bond with them. MAD teachers don't just teach, they also serve as role models for these children. Hence. I hope you're able to understand the reasoning behind this request.

We're glad that you want to help out, but unfortunately, if you don't have a year to commit, you will not be able to fit into the system.

Do register on our website as and when you have settled down. We'd love to have you around!

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