The Campaign

Aimed at driving social awareness of the realities and needs of over 35 million children in need of care and protection in India, #NeverTooLate is our first big public impact campaign. We created a new kind of interactive impact media specially for this campaign, to allow you to experience how taking action can transform a life!

Scroll down to follow our journey of producing the film. See behind the scenes galleries, and hear insights from the makers, thinkers and partners who made it all happen.


Take action and change the trajectory of the story at different stages by clicking the button when you see this icon

Take action and change the trajectory of the story at different stages by turning your phone full 180° when you see this icon



If you see a child at risk, call Childline.
They are your first point of contact to initiate rescue or support.



If you suspect a child is being held against their will, call the Police.
They can take action in potentially hostile situations.


India still needs a Helpline Number you can call for vulnerable young adults. Keep watching to see how it would make a difference.

Note: Flip your phone to intervene and change the outcomes at different parts of the journey.

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Watch Stories of change

Campaign Vision

#NeverTooLate was conceptualised to impact social outcomes through a national media based awareness campaign focused on children in need of urgent care and protection.

Our dream was to create a campaign that would enable our society to care more, and drive every veiwer to want to know more about the problem. This, hopefully, will lead to an intrinsic need to do more for vulnerable children in India.

#caremore | #knowmore | #domore

Watch our behind the scenes videos to get insights directly from the makers of the campaign

Design and Innovation

Build Empathy

The key driver that we wanted to focus on is empathy and the lack of it.

Enable Interaction

The choices a user makes are the moments that matter. And they make all the difference.

The Essence of MAD

The messaging and tone tied the campaign back strongly to MAD’s vision to transform outcomes.

Built to Share

The campaign was built to be socially evocative and has the potential to change perspectives.

Flip animation gif
Flip icon gif

In the timeline depicting the life of ‘Bindiya’, a child in need of care and protection, there are points where the viewer can intervene through a physical gesture on their devices. This results in a positive change in the journey of the child. The journeys will change based on the point at which a user has intervened. The earlier the user intervenes, the lesser will be the struggle faced by the child.

DXC Technology Makes A Difference

DXC Technology is the world’s leading independent, end-to-end IT services company, helping clients, employees and partners harness the power of innovation to thrive on change. DXC believes in acting with compassion and a creative spirit to shape a better future for all.

DXC’s partnership with Make a Difference on the #NeverTooLate campaign, to ensure high-impact social outcomes for children in need of care and protection, is among the numerous ways in which they help strengthen their home communities. Know More

Pioneering Projects

DXC Technology also partnered with us on 4 other pioneering projects. The first two focused on data evaluation; from backend data analytics to help MAD get real time visibility of operations across our 23 city footprint, to a comprehensive impact evaluation of our programmes aimed at helping us build better interventions. The second two focused on generating sector value through the first ever adult outcomes research carried out for children in shelters, and by capturing true life stories of young adults who grew up in need of care and protection to help drive change by bringing home the human realities beyond data.

Measure: Impact Evaluation


One of the most critical initiatives in the suite of impact projects funded by DXC Technology, an external Impact Evaluation program is mission critical in us knowing how we can better our interventions every day. In partnership with CSSL, we are setting up robust impact evaluation systems that gives us data and insights on our work with CNCP.

Research: Problem Definition


Our interventions are designed on the basis of incisive insights we glean from a rigorous feedback loop of qualitative research about the life outcomes of adults who have had an institutionalised childhood. Funded by DXC Technology, this one of a kind research project will help us evolve our programmes to serve CNCP for years to come!

Analytics: Data for Change


In partnership with SocialCops, we are leveraging data and analytics to have granular oversight over everything MAD. We are tracking key data points like class performance, volunteer retention, fundraising efficacy, all to build predictive models that take us into the future of human outcome transformation!

Stories: Children of India


The Children of India Project is our attempt to give a voice to a few of the millions of children in need of urgent care and protection. A slice of an institutionalised life, these are stories of children and youth from shelters of ages from 12 to 28 talking about their lives, in their own words.

Children of india

Real Children. Real Adversity. Real Stories.

The Children of India Project is our attempt to give a voice to a few of the millions of children in need of urgent care and protection. A slice of an institutionalised life, these are stories of children and youth from shelters of ages from 12 to 28 talking about their lives, in their own words.

Partners in Production

Campaigns, like most things that are awesome, are seldom one person jobs. #NeverTooLate , from its conception, to design and delivery involved a number of partners who went above and beyond to make this dream a reality. On behalf of everyone at Make A Difference, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the making of this campaign. Thanks to them, we at MAD can carry on with our mission of transforming outcomes for children in urgent need of care and protection in India!


We would like to convey our gratitude to team Ogilvy, Mumbai for deploying their ideation and creativity to the design and execution of this Social Impact Campaign. Together we were able to create a campaign that tells the story of MAD and the children we work with meaningfully.


Our deepest gratitude to Little Lamb Productions for putting in the effort to understand this nuanced cause, and producing an ad-film that does justice to all of the 35 Million children in need of care and protection. Special thanks to Devanshu and Avishek for helping us tell our story in a way that touches and impacts a generation.


We would like to thank our tech partners - Code Poets for creating a personal and interactive experience with the flip-technology and the entire web ecosystem rehaul. Thanks for powering through numerous late nights, iterations, design changes and upgrades to help produce the infrastructure that can support the vision of this campaign. Thank you!


Lastly, we would like to thank everyone at MAD and our partners who has been closely involved in the creation of the campaign from the start to finish. Thank you Rizwan Tayabali, Sneheel Biswal, Arjun Raj, Rohit Nair, Arathi Devadethan, Mohit Gupta, Jithin C Nedumala from MAD and Bharath Ram S, Vaishali Banerjee and Sridevi from the DXC team for their tireless work on the campaign.