About the Problem

1 in 3 children stunted

between 0-5 years

33 million child laborers

between 5-14 years

We hear these stats everyday, but where are these stunted, out of school, working from the age of 5 children who gets married off young? They were not in your class, its not happening to your friends.

Who are they?

They Are Around

They are the children of the maid that works in your house.

Child of people who clear your trash, fix your pipe, drive you around, deliver your food.

Children of the people who are working in the fields, growing your food.

Actually, they are the children who made the cloths & shoes you are wearing, the phone and laptop you are using, the house you are living in.

Why is it that everyone working for us, to make our lives comfortable, is living a life so different from our own?

The Truth

is that even though none of us are intentionally trying to hurt children, we are living in a system that is oppressive in nature.

We didn't build this system but we are inheriting this system and what is important for us to know is that we should not pass on this system to our children.

is for people who are committed to ending the oppression of children in our lifetime.

It teaches you how to

Be more conscious of the harm we do and reduce it as much as we can.
To mitigate the negative impact of the harm already caused to children.
To be the catalyst in your community to transition to a better system.