About the Program

A year long foundation program For anyone wanting to tackle the most pressing and complex social challenges facing children.

The program is designed to
help us collectively discover a new way of being.
build your own community
of people who are committed to a better world and are willing to work towards it.

The Skills you will get:

Collectively identify problems in your community, design solutions with the wisdom of the collective and tackle the problem at its core, mobilize the resources required to implement the solution from your own community, and deliver it by working together seamlessly in large self organizing teams

It will transform you into the catalyst in your community to enable it to transform from the current oppressive exploitative and destructive system to a kind nourishing and regenerative system.

This is not a conventional course

(Hint, we invite you to leave your expectations at the door)


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At the heart of everything we do is practice. You will be working in teams with your peers; delivering direct support to children; and co-developing a new model for community-led social change.

Deeper understanding of self, who you are, what drives you, what affects you and start your journey of inner work to heal your traumas and ground yourself to your highest possibilities

How to:

  • run personal campaigns to inspire other like minded people like you to be part of the movement
  • interview and recruit the right people to join the community
  • train and induct them into the norms and practices of your community
  • build transformational relationships with children in need of care and protection and support them deeply
  • come together as a collective and use design thinking tools to identify and solve problems at the child care institution you are working in
  • do fund-raising campaigns that enable you to leverage the strength of your networks to create change
  • build awareness in your personal network about their impact in the world and enable them to transition to a better life that is causing less harm

This is a program for people who are serious about their commitment to change both the world and themselves. Your profession or the sector you work in are less important than the depth of your commitment to change. Join us if you want to learn how to take effective action.

This is an introductory course, which means that you don’t need any particular professional or technical background.

2 hours a week online building transformational relationships with 5 children and supporting them with their education, life skills and emotional health

1.5 hours a week online to learn and develop leadership skills, community building skills and skills to build transformational relationships

Actively engaging with your community members to tackle challenges at the child care institution you are working with. (Approx 4 hours a week)

Engaging with your online community to sensitize them about the problem and gather their support (approx 1 hour a week)

4 hours a month online to come together as a community to understand the problems of your community and find solutions for the same

A caring supportive community of similar minded people who will help you in your journey to become a community organizer

Weekly trainings on the theory of leadership, community building and child care

Ability to practice the theory of community building and leadership development on a weekly basis by running projects and awareness campaigns.

A platform to create real impact on ground to children in need of care and protection

Access to a coach with prior experience to guide you in your learning journey (1 coach for 10 to 15 people)

By participating in the MAD Apprenticeship Program you can acquire a number of "open badges" for both completing the full program and for excelling at various activities during the year.

"A 'badge' is a symbol or indicator of an accomplishment, skill, quality or interest."

An open badge is an invitation to a conversation. It is a way of saying that you’ve had some interesting experiences that are worth talking about and sharing. It stresses our commitment to continuous inquiry, reflection and lifelong learning.

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