Dinesh – Judo-ing his way through life

“I want to play Judo for the country, but first I want to support my family, education, earn well for myself and then turn to my passion project!” Dinesh hails from a village in Madhya Pradesh. He was all of 10 when he ran away from home to get away from a troublesome father. He […]

Shiva’s Springboard to Success! 

Shiva joined our MAD community in Chennai and met his fellow, Akilesh. Akilesh and Shiva have had a great bond over the years. Back in the day, every time the “career conversation” would come up with Shiva, he’d always say “Nursing”. There was for some reason a trend back in the day there, where many […]

Ayaan – The Sportstar!

“Dream camp taught me how to order food, when I went to Bangalore, I realized how ready I was for dealing with the real world operational, small and big hurdles. It was because in small ways everyday, MAD had prepared me for it.” Ayaan lives in Lucknow and is a star cricket player. But before […]