Transition Readiness & Aftercare

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A child in class 11/12, in an average shelter home gets negligible career guidance and the necessary support. Being the eldest at the shelter, they are usually expected to be the responsible ones who are in charge of the younger kids. However, these kids themselves suffer from the absence of an elder sibling, parents or a role model of sorts who can guide them whenever they feel lost or confused.

Transition Readiness & Aftercare, a project initiated under MAD, aspires to provide a broad spectrum of career/academic options to high school children from shelter homes, across the country. Propel takes a step forward at ensuring that the child's future is directed towards his/her chosen field of interest and not molded by his/her socio-economic background.

How it Works?

Transition Readiness & Aftercare enable children to build their career paths that are in sync with their interests and is aimed at those who are about to leave from shelter homes. By pairing them with a spirited volunteer, called a wingman, we wish to motivate, inspire and facilitate their journey towards an independent and sustainable life. Much like an elder brother or sister, the Wingman becomes a trusted advisor, friend and a guide for their youth; from finding internships, to procuring certain legal documents, a wingman will run post to post along with their child, making these processes possible. By providing targeted career counselling, help with legal documentation when needed, focussed subject support, sessions on day to day skills, facilitating college admissions/ getting jobs/ vocational training along with financial support, Propel aims to plug a number of gaps and thereby enable children to follow their chosen career paths.


Transition Readiness & Aftercare

The project was a huge success in its pilot year ion 2012-13, directly impacting the lives of over 20+ children. They are in college right now, having taken up courses as diverse as BCA, Ms Computer Sciencce, law and B.Sc. Radiography.

Under Transition Readiness & Aftercare, a child will always have someone who cares for them and helps them find their way in the form of their Wingman. A number of skill building modules will ensure that the kids are better equipped to face the world outside the shelter home. Funding support will help kids,who most of the times, have the passion and motivation but lack monetary support to turn their dream into a reality. Our children will be able to access a network of colleges, vocational training and job opportunities through tie-ups created by MAD. Centre authorities and parents will also be involved in this entire process so that they are more supportive of their child’s decisions about their future.