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There are millions of children in need of care and protection in India ALONE. Children who end up living broken or institutionalised lives, with limited support systems, positive role models or opportunities. And when these children leave shelters, they are often crushed in the unforgiving gears of a system that breeds more poverty and suffering. The sad truth is that few people are aware of the scale and depth of this problem and there’s not enough funding to turn things around.

Rally For Change

Sunaina Pamudurthy, Binoy John and Bhairav Kuttaiah from Team NanoMADs are setting out to do something about this starting this July, by risking everything in the 2016 Mongol Rally to raise funds and awareness for the cause.

Three young Indians, taking on a gruelling and dangerous 2 month long rally. 18,000kms across 13 countries from London to Mongolia, through 5 mountain ranges and 3 deserts in one of India’s tiniest city cars, to try and raise $1million for children in shelters.

As ex-MADsters they are partnering with Make A Difference to raise the funds for the work we do because they believe in the MAD solution, they believe in the MAD community, and they have lived the MAD experience. They believe that with support from the MAD family we can change the system and fundamentally transform this problem in our lifetime.

Indian people, championing an Indian cause in an Indian car.

Impact the life of a child in a shelter home today.


team member
Binoy John
Entrepreneur. Automobile Enthusiast. Adventurer.

team member
Bhairav Kuttaiah
Lawyer. Travel Enthusiast. Adventurer.

team member
Sunaina Pamudurthy
Startup Professional. Sports Enthusiast. Adventurer.

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