Wings of Fire

Starting from the moment you become a mentor, you devote your life completely to another person; someone who you will love and cherish for the rest of your life. You start becoming the person your child needs you to be. You realise the magnanimity of your role in shaping their personality. That day will come soon. It did for me.


I sat at the last bench during “HLCC MUN” in a room full of delegates who had twice the experience and age of our lads. I sat biting my nails mentally considering various solutions for the different problems which might arise during those two days. However, I realised that I had nothing to worry about.  

I wanted to stand between any obstacles that they might face; protect them. However, the kids needed nothing but a chance to express their opinions: they were sure that nothing could possibly go wrong, because we (the mentors) would always have their back.

All the girls registered their names when the first speakers’ list for Day 1 was announced. I was extremely excited as their chance to speak approached. The discussion began smoothly, and as it turned towards Caste and Religion based politics in the country, it was evident that the kids understood the government’s tactics and behaviour. This was phenomenal on the mentors’ part who worked hard with their children from the very first mock session they ever had with them.  There is nothing comparable to the moment when you see that your child is not intimidated anymore by a room full of people staring and challenging the kid. In no time, the event took shape of a dream come true for all the mentor: be it a witty response of a 7th grader when asked time and again if he was understanding the system to an amazing solution on the sensitive topic of beef ban, given by the girl who you once thought to be reserved. Discussion about the option of adopting Gobar Gas Plant instead of slaughter of the milch animals was exceptional in particular. The kid proposed the idea of supplying free fuel to the remote villages and farmers with low income.

The children were learning to stand up for themselves.  The event served as a growth index for both the mentors and the children. If a national event can be prepared for at such short notice, imagine the kind of work that could be delivered if they had more time. I can see them as future ministers, Members of Parliament or maybe the president of the country someday. I see them as the leaders,  meant to guide us on the path of justice and equality. Those sparkling eyes could turn the vision of the country by 360 degrees.    

No dream is too big, no dreamer too small…

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