Story of a MADster- The One With The Rubik’s Cube

Hi, I am Manav and I am a MADster. This is the story of a pint-sized whiz kid, Arun from our shelter home,with brains that can boggle you.

Every year we take these amazing kids to ‘Dream Camp’, a three day outbound, where we teach them life skills and Arun was also there, along with dozens of other kids, eager to learn something new. Now probably I should mention that I am one of those eccentric types who loves puzzles and is a Rubik’s cube maniac. I carry that cube everywhere I go and it was there with me at that Dream Camp as well. The cube caught the attention of many kids at the camp, but it especially awakened the inquisitiveness of Arun. For those two days, he followed me around wherever I went, to learn the algorithm that solves the ever alluring cube. Due to some reason or the other, I couldn’t get a chance to hand him the cube, so explained him the algorithm verbally. By the second day, he had perfected the algorithm mentally without actually practicing on the cube itself! That evening I finally gave him the cube. He stayed up all night practicing and when the morning came, there he was, with the cube in his hand and a smile on his face from winning over the cube.



Now you might think that is all there is to this story, but there is more. Last February, I went to his shelter home on some work and naturally, I was carrying my cube. Arun was there and we started doing some trick solves. To my amazement, this genius had started using algorithms of another level. He, in fact, showed me a trick-solve that I had never seen in my life and I have been at the cube for two years now! And in that moment I realized that the student had become the master. Arun made me believe that just because someone is institutionalized doesn’t mean that they are not at par with the rest. They are just waiting for someone to believe in them, someone who can give them a Rubik’s cube.

They deserve our belief. Do we believe in their dreams?

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