I am ready to take on the world.

Hailing from a small town named Pollachi, Aanandhabhalajy had joined The Sevashram Trust in Coimbatore when he was in the 10th standard. Playful as he was, he used to while away his time in the 11th grade. But when the need arose, he burnt the midnight oil to prepare for his 12th standard board exams. With sufficient help from the Propel team, Aanandhabhalajy passed out of Gopal Naidu School with flying colours. He is now pursuing Diploma in Tools and Dyes in GD Technical Training Institute (GTTI), Coimbatore.

Aanandh has nothing but gratitude for his wingman, Adwaith, who completed his engineering in KCT and is now pursuing his Masters in USA. Aanandh studied hard for his 12th standard board exams and his wingman made sure that the stress was minimal. Aanandh loved interacting with his wingman. “Audi Anna taught me not to let my goal waver by others’ opinions in a goal setting session. I loved that class and still remember all of it”, he recounted.

Aanandh had an interest in automobiles since his 8th standard. With Adwaith’s help, Aanandh took up a career counselling test through Skype. After answering a set of almost 360 questions, the psychometric analysis generated the result that Aanandh’s field of interest was Mechanical. Whenever Aanandh spoke about cars, his eyes lit up. Determined to study something related to automobiles, Aanandhabhalajy attended the entrance examination of GTTI along with 130 other applicants. He was jubilant and made everybody proud when he came in 2nd in the entrance examination and got a 50% fees concession for the 7 lakhs course. A generous Mr. Parthiban from Chennai offered to sponsor 3.5 lakhs for Aanandh’s studies. The Tools and Dyes course is a 3 years’ course with one year internship.

Their course comprises mostly practical work. The enrolled students have been receiving physical training to help them keep up their health and to be able to  work with heavy machinery for nearly 8 hours of lab work. The staff expect a high degree of perfection in all their work. Not only is he concentrating on academics but is also actively participating in various social events at college, including a rope-in program which was organised for the first year students to break the ice among one another. He also sportingly heeded to his seniors’ demands of driving an imaginary bike up the mountains!

Coimbatore-Propel-03When asked about how Aanandh liked the institute, he said he was content and that he felt he was a more independent and responsible person now. Aanandh said that the classes were all taken in English. Despite being a little weak in the language, he has worked hard to clearly communicate his thoughts. He and his friends have regular group study sessions in the hostel and they help each other. He said that his hostel mates are very considerate and care for him specially.

Fidgeting his hands and looking down at his feet, he said he misses his life at the Sevashram. He didn’t know until the last minute that he had to shift to the Institute’s hostel and leave behind his familiar life at Sevashram. While in the institute, Aanandh never missed an opportunity to pay a visit to Sevashram for lunch.

Aanandh has a rough sketch of his future plans and goals. He wants to work hard and get placed in a good company. When asked what company he desires to work in, he said “Volkswagen” with no second thoughts. He even wishes to start his own automobile company someday. A Volkswagen Polo GT is a part of his dreams. He said that when he receives his first salary, he would like to buy lunch for all the kids in Sevashram.

Aanandh said he has other dreams like eating at a restaurant with his own money, going on long drives, buying an expensive bike, and helping other people. He said he doesn’t ever wish to leave Coimbatore. The exuberant kid with a good sense of humour, who came into Sevashram 3 years ago, is now a loquacious, confident, responsible adult, with a heart to help others, and ready to stand on his own feet and take on the world.

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