Sharing Our Language of Love

There’s a big teddy or an action figure that stands proudly in the corner of your room. A bit dusty maybe, yet it carries the memories of your childhood. You love it with all your heart, yet you don’t need it anymore. There is a child who does, a child longing to experience the joys that you did when you were of his age. All we need to do is share.

Cut to Johnson and Johnson’s ‘Share Your Language of Love’, one such event that believes that happiness can be experienced in its entirety only when it is shared with someone. And this time, they had chosen our MAD kids to be a part of this joyous occasion.

Johnson and Johnson

From the very beginning, the room was buzzing with volunteers from MAD, who were absorbed in making arrangements for the highly anticipated event. Shortly thereafter, it was filled with a bunch of nervous yet excited children and Johnson and Johnson volunteers. After a quick round of introduction and ice breaker sessions, the kids and volunteers were divided into teams. The kids had gathered around, attentively listening to the volunteers who had enraptured them with animated conversations. After a while, the Johnson and Johnson advertisements were played on screen.

There was a sense of tranquility while watching the dainty endearing babies light up the screen. Like the ads we watch on television, the kids too, with the help of Johnson and Johnson volunteers, had to make ads based on Johnson baby products. Once the activity started, both the volunteers and the kids were completely engrossed in it, keenly discussing their ideas and implementation methods. The air was so infectious that everywhere round the campus, there seemed to be a kid or the other, intently rehearsing their scenes, perfecting their dialogue delivery. Such was their enthusiasm that they gathered everyday items from here and there, which they used as props!

A spokesperson from Johnson & Johnson while speaking about the idea behind this initiative said, “We thank Make A Difference for helping us further our initiative of enabling less-fortunate children ‘experience the joys of childhood’. Our endeavor is to consistently engage with them and provide support that helps them learn and grow. Such activities also function as a platform to make them feel cherished. By caring for one person at a time, we strongly believe that we are enabling a positive change in the community at large”.

Even before the activity reached a close, an inexplicable connection between was fostered between the kids and the volunteers. At the end of the event, the volunteers shared their day’s experience with the kids. Everybody seemed to be tired but had a smile of content plastered on their faces. They knew that they were going home with a bag of unforgettable moments that night!

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