The Hunt for the Ultimate Treasure

– By Gautam Gurumurthi

34-DSC05184Photo Credit: Siddharth Priya

Every great story out there has a hero, a devious plot, a villain, a sidekick, a damsel in distress, a great setting and a happy ending. But this story that I am about to share has 40 heroes, 10 sidekicks, a rabbit in distress and 1 cozy library as the backdrop!


The stage was set on a fine Thursday evening. The 40 heroes were chilling in their class rooms as all heroes usually do after a hectic day at school. Suddenly, there was a commotion at the gate. There was a rabbit, by the name of Peter, who was in distress. He had earlier snuck into Mr. McGregor’s garden to eat vegetables because, you know, a growing rabbit ought to eat a lot of vegetables. But the lady of the garden chased him out of the vegetable patch, into a shed, out of the shed, into a net, out of the net, under the gate and what not. In all the running about, poor Peter lost his shoes and jacket. So, he came to the school telling his tales of woe. Lucky him, the heroes and their sidekicks took up this case.

But who are these heroes, you may ask! These are the students of classes 5 to 8, from Prakasam Vidya Nekatan High School, Hyderabad.

04-DSC05233 Photo Credit: Siddharth Priya

Looking at the teary eyed Peter, the heroes decided to group themselves in 5 teams of 8 each; and their mascots.. the witty Birbal, the adventurous Indiana Jones, the clever Nancy Drew, the persistent Tintin and the intelligent Sherlock Holmes. Then began the great hunt for the lost jacket. The teams searched for clues, solved them, got new clues and solved those too to ultimately find the map that lead to the lost jacket. Braving the treacherous serpent’s subway, the skull caves; scaling the high mount Timbuktu and through the witch’s mirror, they eventually found themselves in a library. And there it was. The lost jacket, sitting majestically on the grand table in the middle. But there was something hidden under it, peeing through the sides. The heroes rushed towards it to find a dictionary, some certificates and the ultimate treasure.

Now you want to know what the ultimate treasure is! Well, it’s an adventure, a quest for learning new things and exploring the outer limits of imagination. And what better than a library to house such a grand treasure. A new adventure in each of the books placed on the shelves.


We all have been to a library at some point in time during the course of our lives at school or college or ever after that. Some have hated the silence, some have hated the smell, some have even hated that old prune of a librarian, whose hawk like eyes peer into our very soul for the slightest hints of misbehavior or noise. But one thing is for sure, we have all loved that ‘one hour of library’ during our school days that allowed us to connect with the great authors of lore. It was a time to read, to role play and to discover the wild imaginations of the many, many authors out there.

A new adventure awaits these heroes and sidekicks, one that takes them into the many stories, games and crazy adventures, where they will meet new mascots, more damsels to save, evil dragons to slay.

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