Let the Ladies Talk!

By Pulkit Arora

A day of messages; a lot of wisdom to be learnt, but more to be passed on and understood.

The jolly good ladies from Google came down to have a tete-a-tete with the girls of Chhatravas, Delhi; to tell them how important self respect is, over everything else.

As the lady entrepreneurs filled the room, one could almost feel the atmosphere full of anticipation. It started with a circle of discussion, with the ladies sharing their laughter, understanding their hopes and dreams, and speaking about lessons that needed to be learnt for the girls to become independent and strong women. The main speaker for the day, ‘Megha didi’ as the kids referred to her, spoke about her journey that made her what she is now – a respectable and successful woman, holding the room’s attention.

Soon the kids were grouped with a mentor each, sharing their own experiences about breaking the shackles of society that hold women back, about improving themselves through education, about not hunting for a man to marry and support them, and most importantly, about being financially and mentally independent. As the ladies talked, our little girls opened their minds, and let us in on their aspirations of becoming a singer, a doctor and much more.

The girls then put their thoughts down on paper, as everyone came up with a collage to depict what they thought described a true woman. Some of them came up with pictures of sportswomen, others with women pursuing professions of their dreams, and some with what a women goes through and what she shouldn’t; all with an astounding amount of creativity expressed with their colors and sketches.

Later when all the pictures were taken and the goodbyes said, all of us walked out of the room having learnt something new; the girls thought about their self respect and the jolly good Googlers earned a sense of satisfaction.

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