Gurukiran Shetty Visits MAD Mangalore

By Anjali Rao

On a sunny morning at CARDTS, Pupmwell, a shelter home in Mangalore, there was a heated discussion among the children.

“Who was coming?”

They had been asked to stay back at the center that day. Someone special was coming to visit them at their new super-awesome library, they were told. As more and more MAD volunteers started pouring in, the speculation about the ‘chief guest’ started ranging from famous local artists to India’s Prime Minister. Kids!

A child presents a rose to acclaimed Kannada music director Gurukiran
Photo Credits: Staj Soften

And then finally, drove in a black car into the compound, and out emerged Gurukiran Shetty! The popular Kannada Music Director and Playback Singer, Gurukiran Shetty was paying the kids a visit. His name had popped up in the children’s discussions several times, an indication of the popularity he enjoys everywhere. But his presence made all of them jump in excitement, with some of the children giving each other the ‘I-told-you-so’ looks.

One of the center’s youngest children welcomed Mr. Shetty with a rose flower, following which he released the poster of an upcoming MAD Fundraiser – “Buy a Plant, Make a Difference.”

Acclaimed Kannada music director Gurukiran interacts with the children
Photo Credits: Staj Soften

Initially awe-struck and apprehensive about interacting with a person they’d only heard of and seen on television, the children were soon insisting that Gurukiran sing one of his popular songs. On learning that he had forgotten the lyrics, the kids, still very amazed, took matters in their own hands, formed a group and sang a Gurukiran song! Oh and they did manage to get Gurukiran to sing a small section of one of his own songs. Happiness!

Acclaimed Kannada music director Gurukiran interacts with the children
Photo Credits: Staj Soften

With all said and done, Gurukiran then patiently posed for photographs with the children and the volunteers, even agreeing to all individual photograph requests. When it was time to leave, the kids extracted a promised from Gurukiran. He would have to visit them again. And again. And again. And again.


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