MAD Bhopal is Lovin’ It

By Nishad Parandekar

Everyone knows that McDonald’s is one of the largest fast food chains in the world. However, it’s not every day that one gets to taste the essence of a fast food giant; and it’s not everyone who gets to experience the fast food giant from the inside. Curious to know more? Keep reading for the surprise meal!

The MAD day started with our kids visiting the DB Mall in Bhopal. With anxious faces and a zeal to capture everything they saw, the kids stepped into a fast food restaurant where Ronald McDonald was waiting to to welcome the chirpy guests over to his McDonald’s outlet and get them acquainted with Happy Meals!

As soon as the kids entered, the authorities of McDonald’s got the kids engaged with activities and games.

MAD kids “lovin’ it” at McDonalds
Photo Credits: Yash Mahajan

But the party really took off when the authorities popped in some music and a war of musical chairs got the kids rolling to the mad beats. And soon, it was time to put the balloons down and pull off the curtains!

The kids, having been divided into groups, were taken to visit the kitchen, one group at a time. They were made to wear kitchen caps – just like everyone else working there – and that kept out little learners fascinated for a while. Once inside, the level of enthusiasm of the anxious masters went right out the roof seeing all the cool appliances and sophisticated methods that McDonald’s uses.

Kids learn how different appliances work
Photo Credits: Yash Mahajan

They learnt how to cook; they learnt how to garnish; they learnt it all with much eagerness. McSwirl, McVeggie, French Fries… you name it and our kids know how to make it. Since our kids are always eager to learn more, they had a few questions of their own. What if we press the large Coke button and place a small cup under the nozzle? What if we remove the cup while it is still being filled? Does the machine stop? Is it automatic? The authorities welcomed all their queries – big or small – and tirelessly guided them through all the processes.

Kids have a go at the ice-cream machines
Photo Credits: Yash Mahajan

Meanwhile, the party was still on. MAD volunteers kept the other kids entertained and occupied till it was their turn in the kitchen! And who says you can’t learn and party – all at the same time? Party balloons became rockets; our MAD volunteers, scientists, and then began a session on the principles of rocket propulsion, of respiration (and what not).

Once the kitchen tour ended for all the kids, they were told about the job opportunities at restaurants like the one they were in, and how to get there. Excited, the kids then received certificates and coupons from the McDonald’s authorities.

Kids with their McDonald’s certificates and coupons
Photo Credits: Yash Mahajan

At the end of the day, all the little boys and girls were overjoyed with their ‘Happy MAD Meals’. And all they said was, “Can’t we stay here for longer, Bhaiya?” A truly MAD day!


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