A game of career-o-poly in Chandigarh!

– Interviewed by Mankirat Singh & Aikum Bhatti, for the MAD Blog.

Chandigarh’s Placement Fellow, Anukriti Chanana, is reeling after her first placement activity at Bal Niketan. We caught up with her over a casual interview, to know about her experiences and share her excitement on the first MAD placement activity at Bal Niketan, Chandigarh.


MAD Blog: So, Miss Anukriti, guessing by the happiness on your face, we suppose the event turned out to be a success?

Anukriti: Take it this way, it couldn’t have been any better!

MB: Wow! So, how would you describe the event?

Anukriti: It was a career awareness activity. We made the kids play career-o-poly, a game similar to Monopoly – the one we used to play as kids. The only difference is, instead of buying properties and paying rents, you’re supposed to be buying careers and providing services for the same.

Kids listen intently as their didi talks about a career!
Photo Credits: Anukriti

MB: That seems to be fun as well as highly instructive.

Anukriti: Yes! It’s not just fun, but knowledgeable and instructive as well. So much so that towards the end, the kids wanted to continue playing so that they could learn even more about different career options.

MB: That’s so amazing! And how did you spread information about the services each career offered?

Anukriti: Well, we briefly explained all the professions to the kids and asked them questions – very basic but important questions – to ensure that they understood everything clearly.

MB: That must have helped some children figure out their career aspirations.

Anukriti: Oh yes. Not just some, it helped almost all of them! They chose architecture, law, marketing, management, photography… so many different professions. Now, they want to pursue them as well. What could have been better than this!

The kids and the volunteers were equally excited at the successful completion of the activity
Photo Credits: Harkanwal

MB: That must have been a wonderful feeling! Now that you’re motivated and content with the first placement event, what plans do you have for future activities in Chandigarh?

Anukriti: We’re planning a Retail Management workshop that is going to require a lot of on-ground work, and a visit to a Hotel, which should hopefully happen soon. But first, we want all the MAD centers in Chandigarh to have a career-o-poly session, so that the kids can themselves decide the careers they’d be interested in!

MB: Wonderful! Looks like there’s a lot on your plate! All the very best, Anukriti and congratulations once again. We hope that you’re able to take this initiative, and many more, to every shelter home in the coming future.


With that, we said our goodbyes to the smiling-from-ear-to-ear-Anukriti. And as we sat down to compile this interview, we realized just how much fun the kids must have had; figuring out career options through a game. Ah! How we wish we were MAD kids too!

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