The *MADstars* are back – and how!




One day, a phone call. Some extracts
“The kids in the center I teach at participated in the Theatre Workshop. They are now very excited about the idea of acting! Can we make them take part in a play? They really, really do want to!”

It all began with this one phone call. A Theatre Workshop organized for the kids at Bal Sahyog by MAD’s Placements Team got them really excited. And so, it was our job to keep the excitement level high and give them a chance to showcase their talent.

Another day. Another phone call. The gist
MAD gets associated with Manthan’12. Manthan – the annual street play fest of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies. They invite street play societies from different colleges to revive street theatre and raise awareness about sensitive issues facing our society. This year, it is held from February 27 to March 4, and our kids are one of the performers, staging their very own Thoda Sa Samay – a street play.

From then on, every day after their school, the kids practiced, trying to learn all the dialogues and put into use all that they had learned at the workshop. A team from Manthan’12 also came down to aid us in our efforts and share some tips and tricks with the kids! *excitement level rising*

However, some slight nervousness still present. After all, the kids were to be performing in front of a live audience at a public place. Their first ever performance!

One day before the D-Day. The *will they, won’t they* phone call. What made it just right ­–
I heard what one of the kids told the MADster who was practicing with the kids…“Bhaiya, why do you worry? We remember ALL the dialogues! Just see how we perform tomorrow!” That’s it. We knew. They would rock the next day!

The day.
February 28, 2012. V3S Mall, Laxminagar. 3 pm. The huge crowd did not scare them. Remembering the many dialogues did not worry them. They just went there and did their best. And everyone agreed. The kids were *super-duper-awesome*! The hard work paid off. A tear trickled down my eye. *They did it!*

Sharing with you a little something that a spectator had to say for our superstars – These kids are so talented! Congratulations. You guys are definitely making a difference!

Manisha Dutta, a MADster who was there, expresses the spasm of emotions and pride, through a beautiful poem.

Little fingers held my hand bearing the torch
Of igniting the enkindled hearths
With the fiery blend of imagination and knowledge;
The fingers held high the torch to awaken
Every sleeping eye to devote some moments
For the difference a single hope had conjured
In them and thousands of little hearts…the hope
To Make A Difference.

28 Feb 2012, V3S Mall, the CBS annual street play fest ‘Manthan’
Teamed with us, to blow the conch of
Making the difference in the blurred life of a child
Unveiling his potential, proving to the world
‘Child indeed is the father of a man’!
All socks pulled up, our Bal Sahyog studs
Sprang to life with boosted spirits
Amidst the crowd the little feet stood,
Powerful voices through gestures echoed
Expression, inspiring oration effectively highlighted
The need to learn English effective such that
Empowered our buds to fulfil aspirations
And create the world of own where
Dreams are no longer dreamt but lived.
Be it the youth initiative to Make a Difference or
The kids enthuse to create their world
Encircling them, enraptured spectators stood in awe
Admiring their stupendous, moving performance they saw.

If not History, I shall remember how my nurtured little birdies
Won the hearts of many in a handful moments
Accolades, praises, written words of appreciation
Saw their wings of talent stretch that day aiming
To soar higher to the zenith of perfection;
Beholding my little kids, innocently devouring refreshment
Oblivious to the waves of inspiration they had instigated
In such little age, in such a little moment
I wondered and smiled and realized
Tear drops of affection cloud my eyes.




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