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By Kamayani Jain

Good Afternoon. It’s time for the special edition 3 o’clock news, from the news room here at Bachchon Ka Ghar, Daryaganj. Today we have two very special guests with us. But before that, the day’s top stories:

As the kids at BKG got ready to receive the guests, there was an environment of extreme excitement, and a sudden rush of wide-smiled, curious-faced children could be seen in the corridors.
Meanwhile, the two special guests, news reporters from Zee News, arrived at the BKG premises and were greeted warmly, even as cold winds continued to sweep the capital.

Now let’s welcome our guests, Mr. Priyadarshan and Mr. Ashish who are currently working with Zee News as news reporters. They are here to conduct a special workshop on journalism for the children. Heartiest welcome!


It fills my heart with joy just thinking of the day when the kids that we teach today will grow up and one day, hopefully, sit in a news room studio, reading news to the entire nation. Oh, I was SO excited about what was going to happen!

Students from classes 5 to 9 were all assembled in the big classroom and waited eagerly, watching the projector being set up. A brief introduction by the two reporters, and then began the *news telecast*! Watching videos of TV news being broadcasted on the screen, not just the kids, even the volunteers seemed pretty enthralled! This was followed by spreading some gyan about the meaning of news and the ‘5Ws and an H’ of journalism. Having discussed some current affairs, seeing a news coverage on the same just made it all the more interesting.


But all said and done, what is a workshop without hands-on experience! And what better way to do that than getting the kids to act like reporters and interview film actors! Film actors?! Ya ya, read on! The excitement level – went *whoosh* like a rocket!

Our budding reporter Angoori (such a cute kid), interviewed Riteish Deshmukh, finding out about all the juicy gossip about his wedding with Genelia! (Now, of course Riteish wasn’t actually there, just one of the reporters role-playing :P)

The entire activity was also recorded on the camera (Oh yea, like a real deal) and later shown on the big screen! Whoa!! There and then our kids became news reporters. My imagination/dream/thoughts at the beginning of the workshop just became reality! *Overjoyed!!* :D

It was then time for the kids to understand the technicalities of the job. What needs to be kept in mind while covering an event or how information is transferred from the place of the event to the news center.

Now the kids wanted to know more.. “What is editing?” “How can I become a journalist?” The answers came promptly, giving details of the required educational qualifications, citing examples of Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai.

Can we join you right now?” This one innocent question got everyone smiling at first, but we knew that they’d have to wait now…but not long!


The excitement and the enthusiasm of the children at BKG were at an all-time high at the end of the journalism workshop. The two reporters from Zee News seemed very pleased after interacting with the children and said that they would love to visit them again. And the volunteers present there definitely looked delighted. The event was a success. We once again thank the reporters for the wonderful session!

That’s all from the BKG news room for today. Stay tuned for our next special edition!




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