MAD does a Broadway!




At the beginning of this month, Make A Difference tied up with Rivera, the College Fest of Vellore Institute of Technology. As a part of Rivera, a few of our children were given the golden opportunity to perform at the fest, and were coached by the college’s Drama Team itself!

By Geetashree Hazarika

The eventful day began with a bus-ride to the Don Bosco, the initially empty bus was soon filled with the cackling and laughing Don Bosco boys!  7 volunteers were pelted with endless questions, songs and cheers from the 45 kids, before the  ride culminated at the VIT campus. Suddenly, an astonishing silence fell as we navigated the buildings, the footpath and the canteen.

*How did you find the campus?*
Many heads nod vigorously and few reply, ‘It’s very good!’

Soon after they were ushered in by the Drama Club for their make-up. Both the parties of The Ugly Duckling and The Selfish Giant rehearsed their lines rigorously. Brows creased as they struggled hard to remember the next line.

The costumes were collected by the volunteers and all settled down to look the best for their respective roles.


The autumn got the brown leaves while the other five trees carefully divided the green leaves among themselves. The winter got a snow flake and the giant flaunted a fancy moustache.

“Akka, heart beating fast,” one of the girl trees whispered backstage. A reassuring press on the arm with a smile calmed him down.

At the end, the Selfish Giant and the Ugly Duckling earned a standing ovation with a round of loud applause. The funky hat sporting shy narrator of the selfish giant, Hussain, had to shake many hands on his way out. That was when a Hindu reporter cornered them and all broke down into an animated conversation.


The win moment of the day was when the initially skeptical looking Father genuinely smiled for the first time, watching his kids on stage, saying lines with ease and confidence and witnessing them receive a standing ovation from a full-house audience.

Then again, a cackling and laughing bus-full of kids drove out of the campus, conquering hearts and spreading smiles.




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