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By Devanshi Sampat

Mumbai had a placement activity on Saturday,14th January where we saw officials from HSBC interacting with the students of St. Cathreins, Andheri.

Getting the children to settle down for a session is always tough, and no soon were they told that it wasn’t going to be a regular class, but a session with some people from outside, the restlessness changed into excitement!



The activities started with the our guests, Riddhi Shah, Siddhi Lotikar, Mita Udyawar and Aashima Lakhanpal introducing themselves and  later asking the children to introduce each other. This was then followed by an activity in which the children were asked to select 5 objects from a list that they’d choose to have with them were they lost in Space.


After much debate and discussion, the following items topped almost everyone’s lists! – oxygen mask, food, sunscreen lotions, computers!!

Most of the aspiring scientists among them thought of computers as an aid for further research, thus helping them know their aptitudes while considering that career.



The guests were well prepared to face the questions that our ever-so-inquisitive children shot at them about the bank and its functions. Well charted answers, along with a few li’l incentives that they earned during the games from them, made them consider banking as a good career option after all!!


Thanks to people like our HSBC resource persons, our kids now know the Wall-street side of life as well!




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