A Planetary Experience





“Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.”  ~Edwin Powell Hubble

And so the journey began at St. Francis Boys Home on a bright Sunday morning. Fresh faced and dewy eyed, all 32 of us boarded the bus to visit the famous Nehru science centre in Worli. It is a one of its kind place in Mumbai, dedicated solely to the wonders of the world of science.

A flashback of the previous day’s announcement on the same – kids were crouched under the last few benches, and as soon as the words breakout “we are going to visit Nehru science centre tomorrow”, in a matter of seconds eager faces surround the class along with an endless tirade of questions -“where is it?”, “what time are we leaving?” *and mind boggling of all* “misssssssss….agar mujhe bus me susu aya to me kya karunga?”(If I have the urge to pee en route to the centre, what will I do?)!!!

Several answers and assurances later we were all set for our field trip!

No sooner did the bus enter the premises of the planetarium, the air was filled with awe. It pretty much felt like Alice entering the wonderland. An overwhelming adventure had begun!



The vast expanse of land that houses the centre has various buildings, life-size models of vehicles, animals, and a lot more animals! There were interactive portals that showed the practical application of science,which made the kids and volunteers, equally excited to learn Science all over again! Exhibits for each and every phenomenon of science starting from lights, sound, reflection and so on, intrigued and interested us the same time.


And then happened “Fun with mirrors”. Heads started floating in mid-air giving a feel of magic in the air! Invisible harps played wonderful music in “sound and hearing” section.

Though, the highlight of the visit was the room dedicated to pre-historic life. Dimly lit, with growls and cries of animals in the background, it held large models of dinosaurs and pre historic animals which moved!

When the time came to return, it was met with sad reactions from the kids followed by contemplation of a re-visit in order to make sure nothing was missed.

All in all, the visit had served its purpose of creating the much essential curiosity and marvel in the kids towards science, something that textbooks missed to provide our tiny tots with.




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  1. Guest says

    We highly respect all of you for what you are doing. For the goodness you brought into the life of many little kids.
    Instead of blaming anyone, you got down to it and started doing what was needed. This is amazing.

    You people are pillars. You are paving way to greater times. Hats off!

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