Broke the ice? Yes, we did!




By Geetashree Hazarika

A day that takes off with a bickering lot of devious auto-wallahs doesn’t particularly set you up on a chirpy mood.
Thrust in an auto (inhuman much?), we’re all grimacing, furrowed eyebrows, us. When we finally reached our stop, Pastor Home, loud screams and laughter welcomed us.

And there they were…

Without any ceremonies, we flung our bags away, loudly calling out to each other, cackling and chortling, while curious beady eyes followed us in. Some of the energetic folks went ahead and started chatting up with the shy, apprehensive inhabitants of the shelter. Some fist-bumps, some high-five’s, and lo! we were friends!

The caretaker took us all in with a warm smile, while the kids were all giggles. Each of us was assigned a batch of eight kids. With a little struggle and lots of help from the kids, I finally got all their names right!

 And amidst all this hustle-bustle, I found a fellow volunteer, Vaibhav, snooping around with his camera, capturing shots of what would be later recollected as our first MAD memories.

After the round of introductions, we decided to revive our childhood PE moments with games of ‘kho-kho’, ‘kabaddi’, ‘that-game-with-the-stone-throws’, etc. Finally tired, we took a time-out and one of the girls, Natasha came near me, bickering about ‘boys will be boys’ phenomena.

Long story short, all of us had a gala time!

After the visit we assembled at the gallery and all of us chimed in about our experiences. And each volunteer had their own moment of joy to share.


The faces fell immediately when it was time to leave. Walking back towards our hostels, we had but one thing in our minds;  the way the children looked up to us strengthened our determination to not let them down…

And there begins our MAD journey!




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