The stage presents *MADstars*!




By Manisha Dutta

Dholak beats
Stamping feet
Clapping hands
Look, how he stands!
Bellows of laughter
Everyone’s an actor
Oh my goodness
There’s loads of MADness!!

An exhilarating, stirring Sunday was unraveled for our boys at Bal Sahyog, which left an expression of ‘Woohooo!! What a day!’ on every child’s face.

Wondering what it was? Well, it was the day when our boys stepped into the happening world of theatre and made a journey through the different stages of a superstar-in-making!



Yes, indeed! A professional from the National School of Drama, New Delhi came down to conduct the workshop, with a truckload of comedy, tragedy, dance and drama! Our curious little cats were all in high fervour, wondering what surprise-learning awaited them. And when the beats of a Dholak caught their attention, *Learn the inside tips and tricks of acting like Big B and SRK!*  that was it! The kids followed the steps of the trainer with boosted enthusiasm and high spirits.

When you act, every part of your body should act. And we began with the hands. Followed by our feet! Matching their movements with the beats, the trainer explained the importance of ‘feeling the rhythm’. The kids were soon grooving on Bollywood numbers and jumping on Bhangra beats.


Once the body was let loose, it was the turn to let out the inner voice! So, imagine- a bunch of boys, a typical classical-singer-pose (with one hand at the ear and the other stretched out); sounding all melodious.

But, instead of the sargam, out comes a name? Who could have thought that we could sing in a classical style and introduce ourselves at the same time!! The day was all about being dramatic, indeed!



*Run* *Stop* *Walk* *Make a human chain* So, from dancing, to singing-cum-acting, it was time to follow the director’s instructions. Finally, the day’s learning was to be tested. Sorted into groups of five, each team was a given a half-a-minute scene to enact.

And my-oh-my, did they act! It was as if we were looking at future directors and superstars in Indian Cinema!

The workshop ended with a very important session – a presentation on acting as a career, the constituents of theatre and what goes into making an actor. It fascinated the boys, and gave them the morale to pursue their dreams and making it big!  For our superstars, Bollywood is not that far, any more!





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