Let’s Print some Dreams!




By Ritika Taneja

Magazines. Brochures. Books. Newspapers. Box covers. “Yeh sab kaise chhapte hai ma’am??”  (Ma’am, how are they printed?)  — A unanimous question raised by the boys from Arya Bal Griha, New Delhi, while traveling to  placement activity destination.

A cold, lazy Saturday afternoon and a bunch of energized boys; all eager to imbibe the gyan. And off they went to a Printing Press Factory to learn how shiny paper magazines and books are ‘created’! Entering the factory, the boys were spellbound with the “huuuuge” machinery placed everywhere.

Without wasting too much time, the owner of the press, Mr.Bahl, took charge of the kids and started the tour of the entire process involved in the how-o-how of printing!

From the first segment of designing and creating the print material with computer software, the little brains were tuned into the process immediately! The next phase of plating and using the coloration model became the favorite phase of the activity- the four big machines depicting the colors of the CMYK model; how 4 colors turned themselves into 200 million color combinations; how a paper processed from one machine got perfectly printed as a deliverable from the last machine…all of it fascinated the boys!

So much so, that one even came up asking to list the 200 million colors!



Later, the last two stages of the process, cutting and laminating were explained, focusing on their placement in the basement section with respect to the weighty machines. Holding the shiny-glossy books felt amazing to them as they related to each phase in its making!

The colored paper shreds captivated much of the volunteers’ eyes than the kids! :P

After the entire process was covered, much before Sir could explain further, one little enthusiastic boy asked—“ab batao yeh sab hum kaise karenge!!” (Now that all’s done, how do we do it?!!) A minute of laughter followed the amazing description of different levels of work involved in the entire printing process.

The skill requirements of the workers was also explained in detail to the boys.

With complete knowledge about the printing process, happiness of ‘knowing how to print a glossy magazine’, some picture perfect moments and juices in their hands; the kids were ready for their return trip!

We all believe in one step at a time; here, the first color print of ideas has been developed in our kids. The final publishing will take its time, where their dreams shall soon be printed to a wonderful reality! :)




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