Memoirs of an Amateur: Ice-breakers at Vellore




By Megha Bhaskar

It was a bright sunny day at Vellore and as twenty MAD volunteers walked towards the DonBosco orphanage, I wondered how our encounter with these curious new faces would be like. A lot of questions were running wild in my mind, though afterwards I realised it was one of the best experiences of my life.


As the Father of the orphanage introduced us to them, I could see a small gang of boys giggling and making fun of a guy in the centre, and that boy was shyly smiling at me and pointing his finger towards me. I stepped forward and shook hands with him, and all his friends started clapping and screaming.

Soon the volunteers and kids got on knowing each other, sharing random details that we could think of. And the wall that separated us was down!

Following this, we thought of playing some games. The boys soon got bored of the simple passing the parcel and dog-bone games, and instead, demanded for a game of football! We kick-started, though most of us were amateurs and none like Beckham!

In the end, there were dance and singing acts by the kids and then popped up a  “photo shoot” with our volunteers, in which all the boys posed like Rajnikanth or Shahrukh :D!

As we left the hall the kids came upto us saying, “bye akka, bye anna”, with a bright sheen of hope in their eyes that we would return the next week to bring more fun and craziness. And what was on our minds?

MAD forever!!!




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