When Heroes Appear!




By Joseph Thomas

On Sunday, a bus full of screaming kids invaded the tranquil campus of IIM-B. Part of the Superheroes project, these throaty young ones were there to gain first-hand experience from various professionals about their jobs.

Thanks to IIM-B the kids were able to see where the brightest minds in the country gained their wisdom from (and more importantly where the much loved 3 Idiots was shot!!).

Joel is a three year old. He is the apple of every MADsters eye and knows this. He has also perfected the ‘puppy eyes’ technique and uses this to the best of his advantage. If you have chocolates around young Joel, well, he’d have them off you faster than you can blink!

Joel and his friends, seemed overjoyed to be playing on the enormous fields that the campus had to offer. The other, older, kids made off with their new best friends, the Superheroes!

From a wide spectrum of professions, the Superheroes of the day shared a bit of their daily lives capturing the minds and imagination of everyone present. There was a banker, a radio jockey, a photographer, a psychologist and many more who took time off from their precious Sunday to interact with us. To make the day even better, painting and drawing competitions were organised!

Among all the (mis)adventures we had that weekend, below is the testimonial of a ‘dog’napped dog. To protect his privacy we will not be mentioning his name. It is one hundred per cent fact, um, sort of.

 It truly is a dog eat dog world. Sunday was going well until that white bus made its appearance. What a god-awful racket it was. I observed a hoard of screaming miniature humans run into the campus followed by a few regular sized humans.

I hid behind a tree with my tail between my legs. Soon however I gained the courage to take a closer look investigating each group. There was a journalist, a banker, an RJ and many other devoid of food individuals. However as I sniffed around I came across two ‘interesting’ women, CHEFS! It was my day indeed, every dog worth his tail knows that chefs are a happy, food giving lot. I put on my best puppy eyes look and snuggled up to them. I almost had them, when a chubby little three year old waddled across, with his melting eyes. This was a professional and I knew my game was up.



Depressed I was about to leave when a pair of strong hands lifted me off the ground. There was a familiar ‘sterile’ smell about the hands. It was a vet; the horror! Soon a large group of humans surrounded me, as the vet, most humiliatingly, went onto describe me as if I was an animal.

It was a horrifying experience. After much grabbing and groping I was able to escape. The only upside was the treats that were dished out  after lunch.

*end of pup’s story*

From the various snippets of conversation overheard, it was clear that the weekend had tickled the fancy of the kids:

” How is photography actually done?

     Do you need a degree for that?

    What are the career opportunities in that stream? “


These surprisingly insightful questions showed us that curious minds were indeed at work! When asked what the best part of the day was (and this seems to be the general consensus), the answer was LUNCH!

Well that’s it. Sunday was a day of fun, a  day of sun and new experiences, for both the kids and the professionals. A big shout-out to IIM-B (and of course Vikasana, their social initiative assocaiation) and the ‘Superheroes’ for giving the kids a day to remember!

As IIMB kicks off Unmaad 2012, MAD is proud to be a part of this extravaganza. Check out : http://www.unmaad.com/ for more details.




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