The Painted Quilt




By Vivek Anandaramu

In late 2011, the kids at MAD Bangalore got their very own library, one that was a far cry from the traditional ones, likely to contain innumerous signs of decorum and etiquette. The MAD Bangalore library, made possible by the nice folks at Bookwallah, has been in action for the last few months.

For the kids, the library hour is a regular literary escape, and the library a self-created wormhole. And the walls of the libraries bear the evidence, with their unique, personalized artwork.

Gary Mills, our friend from Bookwallah, was particularly struck by the creative content at MAD Bangalore library and wanted to take a piece of that art back with him. On a Saturday afternoon, he walked in to the St. Patrick’s center with some cloth and an idea.

To further personalize the library and introduce them to new art forms, Gary suggested the kids make a “Quilt Painting”. And so they did.

A lot of thought, some inspiration and a little help from the MADsters, and the kids began putting their imagination on cloth and paper. From sketches of Michael Jackson’s ‘Up the toes’ to MAD magazines Alfred Neuman, the kids were all about variety!

Some took their time, getting the right shade of blue, while some were a lot quicker at finishing their bit of the quilt. By the end of the painting session, Gary and the MAD team had a ‘lord of the flies’-esque situation, with the kids doing their daily run-about routines.

Gary acknowledged everybody’s art form, while getting the kids’ attention and followed it up with his recent exploits with scuba-diving in shark infested waters, complete with footage.

The afternoon ended amidst enquires of shark safety, plenty of photographs and painted cloth, which will be quilted and sent to MAD by Gary. For the kids, it was an afternoon spent in artistic leisure, beautifying their space.

Bookwallah is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose vision is to transform the lives of children who have undergone hardship by sharing the gift of imagination. Bookwallah’s mission is to collect and distribute children’s storybooks, set up libraries, and spread the joy of reading to children of orphanages and children’s homes throughout the world.





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    Hi Vivek, I just came across this article. We are also looking at doing something creative with kids. It was good of Gary to come up with the quilt painting idea. I will get in touch with Bookwallah to see how we can collaborate in the fitire. Thank you again for sharing this !

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