The Jar of awesomeness; and of course cake! MAD ways to welcome 2012…




By Dinesh R.P,

When we started planning the celebration a lot of people asked us two questions – why are we celebrating New Year’s at the center and what will we do there?

Well, to answer the first question – the kids never celebrated the new years at the center and  we wanted to drive the fact we all change and how we excel beyond our own limits as time passes (just think for yourselves that at one point of time we couldn’t even crawl but now we can run).

The second question was bit more tough because if we couldn’t think of a lot things, but then again, we didn’t want to celebrate other festivals that have the ‘usual’ programs from year to year, which the kids would’ve seen from the time they were born and get bored even before we started.

The Date – 31st December 2010

The Time – 4.00 PM

The Place- CARDTS Center, Pumpwell, Mangalore

We started planning a few days back on what we were going to do at the center, and  what we decided was something just simple which we wanted to wind up in 2 or 3 hours

So this was the plan
1) Decorate the place of celebration

2) Get a huge cake for all the kids to cut and devour:-D

3) Give the kids gifts.

4) Make the kids write for the Time Capsule (where the kids have to write how their 2011 year was and what they want to achieve in 2012, after they were done writing it we put it in into a glass jar, sealed it and will give it to them on 31st December 2012.The idea of this exercise is to give the kids a perspective of change in their lives and also as a drive to achieve greater things).

5) Okay this is the most crucial part of the whole program, without this the very fabric of MAD will fall apart, which is TO ENJOY the whole celebration.

The day started pretty early buying gifts and the decorations for the event, the 7kg death by chocolate cake was sponsored by City Center Mall Managers Sunil and Sonali along with gifts for all the kids and the gifts were even sponsored by some madsters from cochin.

After we finished the decorations we talked to kids about the time capsule, we distributed the sheets, the kids started writing on it their whole thoughts on how 2011 has gone for them and what they are going to do in 2012; they wrote so much that it took 1 hour to complete.

And then we cut the huge cake, which vanished without a trace in a few minutes.

With the stomachs of the kids’ contentm we distributed the gifts to the kids which were books on drawing, shading and to  spoken English.

After all that we played some songs and said Happy New Year 2012 for the last time and left the center, content that we did something good for our minds and souls one last time in 2011 and made a difference for the children at CARDTS Mangalore




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