PeopleSpeak: A MAD wild-card entry!




Following is a writeup from two students from College of Engineering, Trivandrum, who as a part of their college fest Dhwani’12 social initiative, participated in workshops held at our centers.

Janani M, writes:

It was a week before “DHWANI” when my friend Lekshmi, a volunteer of MAD, invited me to spend the Sunday with her students at LMS Wills Hostel for girls. Though a bit hesitant, I agreed to join her, not being aware of the fun in store.


Sunday arrived and we were there. The first sight was a group of young children surrounding us with sweet smiles. They looked excited and cheerful, waiting for the events to follow that evening. We had arranged a talk on ‘Adoloscence’ by Dr Meera , a paediatrician. The doctor was friendly and at once became a hit with the kids, and the session on hygiene and adolescent life that followed later on was received with much interest.

After that, we had a small-talk time with the kids, where we played, shared things about our lives and had lots of fun! We were also taken to the practice session of these kids, who were giving their all to render a musical night for our pre-fest night in CET.

The day ended with one of our college-mates, Sreeram, narrating a story, that dealt with the evolution of engineering. The story was both illustrative and interesting which brought smiles to the face of the kids besides highlighting the importance of engineering in our lives.

Finally, when all was said and done, we realized how it was one of the most memorable days of our lives – a day outside our routine life which not only surprised us but made us proud of having been their reason to smile. And yes, MADly amazing!


Arathy, a recent addition to our MAD family, and a CETian shares:

We had a dance workshop in Mahila Mandiram in association with our college fest. Renowned choreographers Ullas and Bhoomi, from the group Mystic Monkeys, came to shed light on the realm of contemporary dance forms.

The kids were very enthusiastic and took up the challenging lessons with much vigour. The volunteers and CETians stepped in too, only to see that the kids beat them to getting their swings and moves right in a jiffy, while most of us were scratching our heads to figure it out! :D







Later, the choreo team showcased some of the videos from their stage shows that enraptured us all – the duo was simply fantastic. The kids were curious about this side of life, where dance was a full-time career choice and not just a hobby, to which Bhoomi and Ullas replied with how they went about their professional life.

They also promised to come back and teach the kids, which made them all go crazy happy-dancing!


For our part- we were truly inspired on how such small gestures could truly make a difference and spread smiles. :)




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