Magic Everywhere: Of Disappearences and addiction!




By Susan Paul Mathew

Picture this scene of a play: A college boy is trapped in a makeshift over-sized syringe with no way out. Every vein, every muscle and every cell in his body sing in notes parallel and so painfully beautiful, his entire being breathes in harmony. His brain marvels at the immortality infused into his system through an ounce of plain white dust. The plunger of the syringe gradually pushes him into a tight spot. He doesn’t fight or scream for air; for he’s no more.

Quite literally, he’s there no more. Not in the syringe, not around it, simply not on stage anymore. He has vanished from plain-view leaving the kids watching in amazement at the vanishing act just performed.

The genius behind it is a popular magician from the south whose craft has held millions in rapture, both in reel and real life. Currently, Muthukad, the Malayali wizard, journeys through the by-lanes and highways of the nation, allowing his mission to lead him, allowing his magic to find a voice in this fallen world.

The drive is an awareness initiative to say ‘No’ to drugs, alcohol and smoking through the medium of magic. Thus ‘magic with a mission’ was born.

One of the effective ways of learning what something can do, is by learning what it cannot. Just like the drama of the college student who falls prey to drugs, the girls from Crescent and boys from YMCA and Snehabhavan were exposed to the allure of substance abuse and its long term dangers through talks by prominent speakers.

They elaborated on how succumbing to substance abuse would not gain one mastery over one’s habits, gain clarity or the focus required to fulfill one’s dreams and not help in leading a normal, healthy or full life.

Every child needs to know and believe that no matter what their past, they have a future. At no point, no matter how bleak life appears to be, should addiction seem logical or justifiable. Apart from textbook education, children should have faith, handle temptation and conflict wisely, make sensible decisions and respect life, for she is second to no teacher.


By mixing morals with magic, the much neglected topic of addiction was packaged creatively and memorably for our kids. It was a proud moment for us when all of our kids, encouraged by the magic show, rose to pledge a life without drugs, alcohol and smoking.

The photo session afterward with the famous magician was a highlight for all the boys and girls. They were all smiles as they posed with him, their minds busy spinning the tall tales they were going to narrate to their friends…




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