So…what is Science?




By Sunil Srivasthav

“Science is your best friend, which stays with you throughout your life”

Yes that was what we wanted to tell our kids. But the li’l ones didn’t believe us and they wanted to know what role could science don when they are hitting a sixer, catching a ball, or running. And this led to our first activity with the kids at FSC, R.P road.

It was 13th November, a Sunday. Our kids at FSC had their usual English classes in the morning, followed by their lunch. They saw a movie in the television at the centre, had their evening snack and were eagerly waiting. For me and Amogh.

Not trying their patience, we reached the centre almost in time (with a cricket bat and a ball). We divided the kids into two teams to play a cricket match in the center’s playground. To make things a bit more interesting we asked the kids to name their teams with some scientist’s name.

The kids having discussed with their teammates, not only came up with scientist names but also were offering brief descriptions about that scientists’ inventions and discoveries.

One of the teams was named Newton and other was Louis Pascal. Then we had the toss. Newton team won it and elected to bat. They scored a whopping 60 in 6 overs. It was an exciting match. The Louis Pascal team in return were all out for 55 (kudos to excellent bowling by Mahesh in the last over).

We then took the kids inside the center and a small discussion about the match ensued. We explained Newton’s laws to our kids relating them to the cricket match.

In order to explain the third law, we asked the kids ‘why does a bowl bounce back when it is thrown?’ and then we asked the kids to hit the floor with their hands. We probed them further- had they felt pain when they hit the ground. The kids came up with various answers and then we explained to them the 3rd law which states that when they hit the ground with a certain force, the ground in return exerts a force on their hands due to which they felt the pain; exactly why the ball bounces back when it is thrown on the ground.

To explain the concepts of the 2nd law, we gave them the examples like ‘it is easy to hit a fast ball than a slow ball’. To explain the concept of first law we gave them the example of bat not moving by itself, when kept on ground. Thus finishing what we had planned for the day, we decided to disperse.

Suddenly a kid from the group came to us as we were about to leave, held my hand and said “Anna please don’t go we will talk more about science.” However to the kid’s and our disappointment, we had to leave as there were other visitors.

We’re DEFINITELY going back again for more ‘Science Around Us’.




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