Backyard Science




By Swapnil Tanksale

A typical Sunday morning, the kids at Yuva Jyoti are washing their clothes. Some of them are running around half-dressed, waiting for their clothes to dry so that they will be at their best. There is a wave of excited murmur running through the corridors, lots of anxious queries.

Everyone knows it’s the day they will be taken to Raman Science Centre. Going to a park with science in it confuses them, but the prospect of going out and learning things in a fun manner pleases them.



After an hour of shouting, pleading and promises, lines were formed and a bunch of voices, cute little squeaky ones as well as heavy baritones were heard singing “Why This Kolaveri Di?”

The bus then comes close to the Gandhi Sagar Lake, which is the suitable buildup to the fun in store at Raman Science Centre. The volunteers are  ready with the tickets and the kids eagerly line up for the tour.



The kids walk through the park towards the exhibits , which were on various scientific theories, complex devices based on them and inventions through the course of history displayed in an appealing manner. The piano floor, the room of mirrors and the virtual basketball booth were some of the favourites.

The kids listened intently to the volunteers who were explaining to them what the Earth is made up of and a few basic things like gravity. The gadgets and displays intrigued them and made them ask questions at the speed of light!

Content with the secrets of science, music and astronomy, the group then marched towards the amusement park where they played games and ran about in the open, waiting for the 3-D movie to begin, a few minutes into which, the audience erupted into a non-stop string of “ooohs” and “aaahs” that did not cease till the final credits.

Next on the list was the planetarium. The Santa-like narrator struck a chord with the kids and put them in a state of starry wonderment. Perhaps, only the milky way could be as vast as their wonder upon learning that there is a lot more to the stars than what was told to them in “Twinkle Twinkle”.


It was a day full of knowledge, science and happiness with new-found aspirations to become scientists, astronauts and engineers of the new world.





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