Some Crazy Christmas Cheers!




By Lakshay Kataria

Christmas: Just another excuse to make just another day for our kids at Bal Sahyog Ashram fun-filled and exciting. *Ho! Ho! Ho!*
Yes, it was Christmas, and there we were, with the stage all set, to make this Christmas one of the best Christmas our kids had ever seen! Celebrations, games, gifts, awards and happiness just followed.

The news of the celebrations had somehow leaked and the excitement levels of the kids went soaring right through the roof! So without further ado, we set the ball rolling with a game of ‘Musical Chairs’ and suddenly, the entire hall, and everyone present in it, was zippy-zappy!

Gifts! Gifts! Yay! The gifts are here!” If you thought that this Christmas was just about games and fun, there was yet another surprise for the little kiddos! Employees from Corporate Executive Board donned Santa’s role and brought goodies for the children! They have been known to play *Santa* for our kids before, and they were here once again! From footballs and volleyballs to chess boards and a carom board (which was a BIG one), the *CEB-Santa’s sack* had something for everyone.

Woolens, a muffler and a cap for each child, packed in shiny pink, proved to be the ‘season-perfect-gift’ to keep the kids warm in Delhi’s chilling winters!  And then, the little boys got the guys from CEB to join them in games of ‘Passing the Parcel’, ‘Bridge the Gap’ and ‘Balance the Spoon’. *Merry Christmas Y’all!*

Now, how could our celebration be complete without an *award ceremony* appreciating the talents and the bright skills of our children. Be it academic or extracurricular, their young minds amaze us all the time!

Ah well! This was a Christmas full of glitter, stars and smiles for the kids as well as the volunteers. Charles Dickens in his ‘A Christmas Carol’ put it well – Christmas is all about kindness, generosity and compassion. True, we say! So, do we hear some cheers? :D




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