A Mammoth Christmas at Darul




By Aparna Soumyan

December 18th was a special day at Darul Ulloom. It was the last class of the year; Christmas celebrations was the added experiment we were about to do. Can you please turn off the Addams Family music? It’s not that kind of experiment.

At the last AVM (All Volunteer Meet), Darul had come up with the idea of showing cartoons as a fun way of learning
English (that’s the way you and I learnt English, right?). Obviously, we couldn’t do this during class so it had to wait till  the Christmas celebration.

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, the movie chosen for the airplay was Ice Age 4: A Mammoth Christmas. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t impressed by the choice. For one, all three main characters speak, well, oddly. How much of it will get through to the kids?

Lights off! Movie begins. For the next thirty minutes the boys watched as Sid goes to meet Santa to take his name off the naughty list, ruins Santa’s home, the toys and North Pole on Christmas eve and works with his friends to set everything straight before Christmas.

The loudest laughs were for Scrat, especially for his ice-skating skills and the time he picks up a spider instead of his acorn. Yeah, Scrat has some fans at Darul!

When the lights were switched on, the first thing our boys heard was, “Did you understand the movie?”.


“What did you understand?”.

An evil genius in the corner seat said , “That if you pull together, you can even bring down a mountain!”.

What?! Not only did he understand, but he was clever enough to link the answer with the scene where Sid and friends cause an avalanche. And I was worried about them ‘not getting it’. Sheesh.




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