Santa’s Secret Visit!


By Ritika Taneja

What happens when you’re busy studying and suddenly hear *Ho! Ho! Ho!*?
What happens when you open the door and see Santa standing?!
And what happens when Santa showers you with a personalized present!?

I say, happiness happens!! :D

It’s rightly said that the joy of brightening a child’s heart creates the magic of Christmas. And that’s exactly what happened at Arya Bal Griha, Delhi; when the children were surprised with a ‘Santa’s Secret Visit’!

It started with a lazy Sunday afternoon. The kids were disappointed with no celebration happening. And to ensure the surprise of the *Secret-Santa-Visit*, the teachers, as instructed, did not start any celebration and just concentrated on teaching!

But, the moment *Santa* knocked the first door, the *busy-in-books-faces* turned into the *sooper-excited-faces* and changed the environment into a party arena! Christmas got merrier and MADder!

The kids were left awestruck to see the ‘almost real Santa’ in action. They had a hard time believing that it was their loving *ma’am* beneath that enormous dress!

And then, Santa called out their names. They came jumping to grab their presents, and the approximately 100 different expressions evident on their faces made it all the more special. The happiness of Christmas celebration, the joy of being treated specially, the intrigued look of *yeh-kaun-hai* (who is it?!), the excitement and the urgency to have their name being called, and the utmost pleasure to unwrap those shiny packets, all spread a *1000 watt* smile across their faces!

This little gala passed on a lot of smiles. The objective of spreading that *oh-my-god* expression on the children’s faces was achieved. This Christmas celebration not only warmed the hearts, but also filled everyone with a melody that would last forever! Bliss!




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