Of Snow and Cake




By Pooja Haria

This one word means so many different things to all of us.
For kids it is a time for Santa Claus and the presents under the brightly decorated Christmas tree.
To some it means reading a book while wrapped up in a warm blanket by the fireplace, while the crisp winter wind blows outside.
To some it means singing carols from door to door, a way to spread the joy.
To some it is the delicious food – along with the plum cakes and wine.
To some it is that time spent with family and friends, the holidays – merriment all around.
To others it is a time to reflect on the year gone by.

However, there is one thing that stands out when we think of Christmas. Something, that is common for all of us – that Christmas is the season of GIVING. It is a time when we share so much with each other – from that last bit of chocolate cake to that whole lot of love. This obviously goes for us MADsters too.

As 25th December came closer, we realized that some of our children from MAD were not going back home for the holidays. When this was brought to the notice of other volunteers, we realized there was no way we could let them spend Christmas as just another day. So the ideas started pouring in –
“Let’s take presents for the kids”
“Let’s watch a Christmas movie with them”
“Oooh, oooh – Popcorn! Cake! Chips! Chocolates! ”
“Let’s book that projector and put up the movie on a large screen”
And then it was decided.

Come Christmas day and a bunch of volunteers (some with Santa hats too) appeared at the St. Mary’s Boys Home with a variety of comfort food. From Cadbury’s Shots to Snickers, packets of chips and popcorn (forgotten in the auto and replaced again) to biscuits and a scrumptious pineapple cake decorated with chocolates Santas and which read “Merry Christmas” – we had everything that would ensure a typical theatre experience.

A large empty dinner room for the kids was turned into a dark cinema hall with a big white screen and chairs. We even had an interval in between the movie! Soon the twelve boys embarked upon a journey to the land of dinosaurs in the ICE AGE :)


The silly antics of Sid, the Sloth, had the children in splits of laughter, while the plot – an underground hidden world of dinosaurs held them intrigued right till the end! Watching them have a good time made this one of the best movie experiences for all the volunteers present!

During the interval, the children cut the extremely tempting cake whilst singing “We wish you a Merry Christmas”. All in all – a perfect experience.



On a more personal note, and I feel I may be speaking for most of the MADsters present, that while this may or may not have been the best Christmas for the kids, it was hands down the best Christmas for all us. I always feel that while giving, we tend to take away a lot more. And while I’ve had plenty of nice Christmas experiences – this was by far the best one.



You know, when people talk about that warm fuzzy feeling you get during Christmas? That feeling of pure joy and peace? I got one that day. And as I walked out of the Boy’s Home, smiling to myself, I realized – that I get this warm fuzzy feeling each time I spend time with the kids. For me, each day I spend with them – is CHRISTMAS!




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