Merry Christmas!




By Shradha S

Glimpses of how we had a wonderful time jingling Santa’s bells in our center!

The cake ready, volunteers and kids set to have a gala time!

What you see is them seated and silent, at their best behaviour, highly expectant of what-comes-next?!

At  the other end, our volunteers are crazily sketching and doodling at their cards for the munchkins inside!

The kids decide to kick-start with carols and action songs, having had enough with their wait for us to entertain :D

And when we were done with assorting and arranging, we jumped in with our Christmas messages to the children. :)

Suddenly from nowhere, Santa popped up! And all hell broke loose!!

While Santa was doing his thing, we sliced and minced our Christmas cake into a lot many pieces (phew!)

Sugar-high is no myth, because Santa and the kids got crazier with that overdose of sugar, while the rest of us were kept on our toes running between both!

We ate, we laughed, and we danced to the celebrations!

And when Santa got back to normal, he resumed his Santa-ly duties and gave our Christmas card to the Centre Head, who was as much a part of the fun as any other kid or volunteer!

Santa didn’t stop there; he had brought more sweets from the Poles for the li’l ones!

After all was said and done, we  played “Fire on the Mountain”, greeted each other and lived happily ever after!

Merry Christmas and a MAD New Year folks! :))




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  1. Swathy @ MAD trivandrum says

    it was de best eva xmas for me.. wid my kids and my dear MAD frnds!

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