11.12.11 – the day. Yes, it was THE DAY!!




By Jithin Sharma

We celebrated Christmas well before and yes…like never before. :)

The MADdest Sunday in my life began on a serious note, with our kids attending their first assessment test. And trust me, most of them were so fast and eager on the questions that me and my co-teachers found it hard to keep up with their pace; giving instructions became in fact a mere formality.

The two hour test ended and within two minutes, the children were on their feet. And the volunteers? We simply followed them. The kids at Balabhavan were going to have the first MAD celebration of their life and arguably their best!

Some among us went straight to make arrangements for the  “Santa” to come. Meanwhile we asked the kids to guess who our Santa was. And in a matter of seconds, to our astonishment, the kids were yelling out our Centre Head’s name and, indeed, it was him. Just mind blowing!! :O

There comes the Santa! But not in a sledge. But in a Maruti car! :D

He was welcomed with calls for all sorts of gifts. Seriously. Even the wildest person out there wont dare to wish for things that these children did. Much to the kids’ delight, he gave them the things that they liked the most – TOFFEES!

The best was yet to come.

We sang a few songs for them and the most heart touching moment came when they sang each word, each line with us. It was that moment when words were just not enough to show what you felt.

Then, we had the cake cutting – and magic- everything was gone in seconds! :D

After an extended photo-session, we parted with the kids. Greeting cards that the volunteers made themselves for the kids were distributed and pencils were gifted as a Christmas gift. Everyone, while happy that we enjoyed every instant of the Super Sunday, was at the same time utterly sad that the day was coming to a close.

While I write this, my mind still ponders over the moments past. More than MAD itself, I thank the kids, the ones who, with their lives, teach us the very essence of living. They have really made a huge difference. Forever.

Once MAD, Always MAD! Merry Christmas!




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