*Who said watching TV was bad for kids!!*




By Komal Arya

60 students. 5 volunteers. 1 bus. And a full-of-fun journey!

– Kids, we are going to Dixon Technologies!
– Uhhh..?
– A T.V. manufacturing company!
– Ohh! YAYYY! But, what will we do there?
– You all have seen a T.V.! Don’t you want to see how it is *made*?
– Yes, yes! Let’s go! :D


It was a Saturday afternoon when we packed all the boys from Arya Bal Girha into a big yellow ‘shining-like-the-sun’ bus. With the pre-visit-talk doubling the excitement and the pictures of *what’s-in-a-T.V.* (just to make them aware of what they were going to see) trebling it, off went the bus. VROOM!

We were told that the journey would take a while. So, we had our list of things-to-do-in-the-bus ready: endless rounds of the ever-famous game of ‘Antaakshari’, window-sight-seeing of the spectacular ‘Akshardham Temple’ and the last minute additions; a ‘tyre-puncture’ and a ‘photo session’ (these boys I tell you!)

Finally, we reached our destination! The warm welcome of the employees of Dixon Technologies put us right back into the super-energized mode that we started with. They got the children seated in the conference room and walked them through the *whats and hows* of the company, shedding a little light on how to enter the field of engineering.

That did the trick; the *Einstein* in each young mind was suddenly awake, firing questions in all directions, which were, of course, answered very patiently.

Getting the refreshments out of the way, the kids geared up to see the assembly line. And my, was it long! First, in the ‘manual assembly lab’, components kept on a conveyor belt, worked on by the workers, were all put together! The amazement in their eyes – ‘So that’s what in a T.V.’ – was clearly visible.

As if that wasn’t enough, the ‘automatic assembly lab’ with machines doing all the work mesmerized the boys completely! Once assembled, all the components were soldered, tested and finally packed! Whoa, lots of work!

With a *biiiiiig* smile on their faces, the kids thanked the employees and exclaimed, “We also want to become engineers and make T.V.s!”

That’s it. Mission accomplished yet again. We had already ‘turned’ our little boys and girls into fashion designers, dancers and scientists. Now, turning them into engineers: Check! :)




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