Taare Zameen Par!




By Poornima Chandran

MAD  organized a visit to the Priyadarshini Planetarium in Trivandrum for the kids at SH Jyothi Home on Children’s Day.


We started at about 10 a.m. from SH Jyothi Bhavan home. There were 23 students and 2 staff members from the center, and myself to accompany the students on the journey. The mini bus we traveled in had a very caring driver who was familiar with the route, luckily, since none of us were!

When we reached the planetarium, other MAD volunteers were already waiting for us. We took the tickets, divided the students into groups and entered the joy-ride of a show on planets, stars, galaxies, earth and so on.

Thereafter, we visited the exhibition halls, where they had put on display all sorts of equipment – electrical and mechanical – and these big gadgets caught the fancy of the young minds. Together, all of us – volunteers and kids alike – enjoyed the puzzles and biological tests and functions that were demonstrated to us by the representatives.

After going through all the halls, we finally went to the much-awaited segment; the Park! The kidstook to the swings, the gliders and explored every bit of the park. One unique aspect about this park was that every game and play item had some scientific principle behind them. So it was in fact a fun-learning time for our kids!


We all had our lunch together and bade goodbye to the planetarium after posing for a fun group picture. On the way back to the center we were singing songs and chatting up on how the day went. The day finally came to an end with a starry eyed climax with promises to more of such fun!



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