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Clay is one of those things that is almost irresistible to adults and kids alike. Who can resist picking up a piece of clay and squishing and squeezing it, letting it ooze between your fingers or rolling it around on the palm of your hand? Not many can deny the desire to ‘toy’ with clay now, can we?

So we thought why not let the kids have some fun with clay this time?!

Around 70 kids in Ummal Qura, attended a Craft and Clay Modelling Session by Mrs. Litty at the centre. And yes, the kids and volunteers were equally excited.

The first two hours were spent on craft making, where time just flew thanks to our amazing teacher. She taught the children how to make greeting cards, masks, Christmas tree decorations, cloth purse and rose flowers using crape paper. The kids were amazed by the way so many things could be made out of paper and it took them no time to learn how to do it.

It was incredible to watch the kids turn pieces of craft paper into beautiful objects.

The last one hour of the session was spent on clay modelling which the kids were eagerly awaiting; more than the girls it was the boys who were excited!

The kids were fascinated by how the clay could be moulded into anything they liked. Mrs. Litty taught them to make things like a small jug, vessels, beads etc.

After the whole session the room looked like a field after a battle won!

While bidding goodbyes the kids gifted each of us and Mrs. Litty with something that they had made during the session; while some of us got X’mas tree, others got flowers.

A day well spent!




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