A Day in the Wonderland of Science!




By Manisha Dutta
Edited by Ritika Taneja

Thanks to science, life has been evolving at the speed of a superfast train! Today we are practically breathing, eating, working on-with, and in fact even sleeping the miracles of Science! We’ve all dreamt of being Doctors, Engineers, or the favorite one: Astronauts!

Our kids have woven such dreams as well. So, this children’s day, we thought of presenting them a trailer of their dreams. Kids from Bachchon Ka Ghar, Daryaganj were taken to National Science Centre to get hold of the fast paced ‘nothing-is-impossible’ world of science!

Excited just by the idea, kids were stunned to see the museum. A plethora of exhibitions ranging from ‘the energy balls’ travelling through a pipe maze, to the virtual pond that created ripples as one stepped on it, and the water gallery showcasing its pollution & conservation; amused them! Their very own ‘scientist ma’ams & sirs’ catered to each popping question and made all of it very simple to understand!

It felt like a Time Machine! The kids were taken through different exhibits of mankind, from the pre-historic to the evolution of technology. Taking a flight of stairs, they entered the world within the human body and their eyes gaped to discover that their little weights carried so many systems within!

Trying their hand at the various ‘operations’ like pumping blood and using the stethoscope; our little doctors were already at work!

The astonished faces widened their expressions to *OH! MY! GOD!*, when they were taken to the Jurassic Park arena!! Watching a six feet huge owl they asked, “Maam ullu itne bade hote thhe kya?” (Ma’am, owls used to be this huge earlier?) They were completely awe struck/stunned/surprised/and every other synonym clubbed to see the gigantic dinosaurs growling and screeching over them!

Next in line, a 3D movie made their cheerful faces reach cloud 9! The 3D glasses and the sound effects made it like a real ride on the rocket.

And unable to resist their temptation, they stood up to feel the breathtaking moment of landing on moon, within the touch of their hands!

Adding to all these startling exhibits; a walkthrough of the Maze of Mirror, observing their multicolored shadows, creating music in free space and then exploring all the options the field of science and technology offer, satiated them!

With happiness at its zenith, the kids stepped off the unimaginable wonderland of Science. The distance traveled back was directly proportional to the number of questions thrown! Their questions, “Sir, main doctor kaise banu? Ma’am, technology ke bare mein itna sab kahan se padh sakte hai?” (Sir, how can I be a doctor? Ma’am, from where can I get all the information about the technology?), passed on a smile to each one of us.

This visit opened their minds, piped in miracles of science and left them with clearer picture of their dreams! And like we believe, today’s dreams are the seeds of tomorrow’s reality.

The foundation has been laid. Reality is just around corner. Just watch out for a while, you might just bump into our top notch doctor or an engineer! :D




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