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By: Devanshi Sampat

The M.A.D–Mood Indigo collaboration, Sparsh – touching innocent lives, achieved yet another milestone with the Big Brother Program at St. Francis boys’ orphanage, Borivli, Mumbai, that was conducted on 27th November 2011.

There was very intensive planning amongst us volunteers as we thought getting the kids to assemble for an activity after a 2 hour  of their regular MAD class would be a herculean task; but we couldn’t be more wrong.

We could see them from afar coming towards us, running. There were about around 90 of them and they joined the older boys who had already assembled and soon there were about 150 of them.

The kids were quickly assigned to their mentors, the ratio being kept 2:1.The introduction session began wherein the mentors were given a chance to get to know their kids. Most of them were roped into playing football with the kids, including me; the kids were so energetic and into the game that a little bruised knee didn’t really stop me from conquering the football field and in the end the scars of football field reigned!!!

Nonetheless it gave us valuable time to get to know the boys and their likes and dislikes and things that really make them smile. :)

The next activity organized for them was paper dance, which saw a rather impressive display of gymnastics; the boys devising various ways and means for not being eliminated. Some of them literally hung onto their partners whereas most of them sat on their partners shoulder and danced.  All of this to win the coveted prize…the chocolates!!!

The last activity conducted was The Kites of Ambition, where the kids were given an opportunity to show their artistic skills as well as tell us about their ambition in their lives.

Some stories were so heart-wrenching that it would make the coldest of hearts melt. But these children  have been through so much in their life, not once did we feel that these kids lack the drive to achieve what they want. Their bravery and confidence is commendable, and teaches a very important lesson to most of us who have taken things for granted for most part of our lives.

Yes…they want to fly…fly really high..and we will make sure that they do… So that we can see some smiles shining so high. And that day we’ll realise the importance of this day; the reason for which we are here today to guide them, love them and just to be by their sides and watch them achieve what they want in their lives.

And I really want you to read what one of the kid has written in his kite in the picture below; I literally got goosebumps after reading it and wondered how an 11 year old was able to dream this big!


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