An Icebreaker without the Ice!




By Jithin Sarma

When I was asked to write about the icebreakers session that happened  at Balabhavan, I was a little confused on how to go about it. For one thing, the kids there were WONDERFUL!!! And the way it went about, there was no need to term the whole thing as “Icebreakers”!



All of us managed to be there by 9.30 AM! And now the fun begins!

We were all eagerly awaiting the children, who arrived in a disciplined straight line formation; a sight we were to witness never again afterwards. After some ten minutes of hustle bustle debates and discussions, we finally got the children to settle.



We divided the kids into 4 groups with volunteers assigned to take care of each of them. Started off with a quick memory test where the kids of a group were made to introduce their group volunteers and vice versa, that brought us all into the game spirit!

We had brought many crayons and sketch pens and chart papers for our fun activity. The idea being the kids doodling and creating charts, and exchanging the charts (along with volunteers) to the other groups to fill in their ideas as well.

Even before the guidelines were given out, the kids snatched the colour kits and papers and all of us sat together to create the most “modern” art we ever saw! Popular themes being movie stars and trees and what-not!

The one hour that we had with them made us realize what they were and how we should be. One of the kids told a volunteer that he wanted to study and not just have fun. I was awestruck. The kid unintentionally reminded us of the real purpose of us being there!

After the couple of hours of creative fun, we had a short break, where the kids were sent for refreshments and the volunteers of the center were briefed on how to go about our MAD classes :).

We came with hope in our minds, and left with responsibility in our hands. Those sunny smiles and eager eyes made us realise what our true calling was – give them more reasons to smile as the days pass by!

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