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By Joseph Thomas with Naaila Khan

To the untrained eye every MADster looks alike. They all wear broad smiles and have a glint in their eye. The ubiquitous ‘MAD’ tees, don’t really help either. MAD Bangalore added new members to its ranks, those part of the library project. These freshly inducted MADsters had a distinctive look about them. They were covered in paint.

White is in!
The MAD Library is a project that is determined to expand and broaden the horizons of the kids at St Patrick’s. A learning experience beyond the classroom would be the ultimate goal of the volunteers.

Tree of Knowledge?

It’s a rigorous training process. A tutelage under the stern eye of the expert librarians at HIPPOCAMPUS marks their beginning. They train in the art of organising and ‘levelling’ books. This is an intricate procedure to ensure that the right books reach the right children, using what is called the ‘Grow By’ system.

What served as an initiation procedure soon had MADsters queuing up to be a part of it. The painting and sprucing up of the library came to be a memorable experience to both newbie and veteran alike. They walked about in their paint splattered clothes, wearing it like a badge of honour.

As the day of the inauguration came, the flurry of activity died down, but the intensity of excitement only increased. The inauguration saw gasps of disbelief at the liveliness of the library. This was not to be a dank and dusty house of books but rather a cathedral of wisdom, where knowledge knew no bounds.

The kids were enthused at the sight of the wall to wall carpets, the floor cushions and the self-styled artwork that ornamented the walls.

Done and dusted, and organised and arranged!
As the kids sat down to their first story telling session, there was a profound silence; they paid rapt attention, almost falling off their cushions in rapt attention. It was the perfect audience. It’s a great time to be MAD.
An all pervading silence!

Bookwallah is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose vision is to transform the lives of children who have undergone hardship by sharing the gift of imagination. Bookwallah’s mission is to collect and distribute children’s storybooks, set up libraries, and spread the joy of reading to children of orphanages and children’s homes throughout the world.




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