It’s *MAD FASHION* baby!




By Manisha Dutta and Ritika Taneja

*FASHION* – the one thing that every girl always associates herself with, no matter how young or old she is. Style and fashion are an integral part of today’s world. Honestly, it is an induced epidemic! (Ask us! :P) Now that our kids are our future, it’s our ‘duty’ to make our future way prettier than the present! Hence, MAD Delhi opened the doors of this big-glamorous-fashion-world for our little girls by calling ‘fashion designers’ and ‘origami experts’ from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)!!

>>Origami workshop at Arya Bal Griha, Daryaganj

Dropping light on several career prospects associated with the glam world, the girls were made aware of *How-To-Be-An -* origami expert, costume & jewellery designer, hair & makeup artist and even a photographer! Looking at their favourite actresses dressed gorgeously and knowing that *they too can* make that happen, the hope in their eyes shimmered all the more!

After a lot being said and heard, it was time for some serious art! As they say, fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, and with what is happening! Consequently, an origami session was lined up to let the diva’s vent out their creativity.

Making things by just folding paper intrigued them. Folding the Red paper first, then the Green ones, they followed each instruction carefully and ended up creating beautiful flowers by just folding and sticking them together. The happiness of clipping their *self-made* tic-tac-clips was too wonderful for words! Indescribable!

>>Becoming Fashion Designers at Chhatravas, East of Kailash

A slice of glamour flavoured with creativity, seasoned with style statements, blended with foot tapping music and sizzled with MADness was too MADelicious! The girls had a sip of this savoury delight when the all-excited-duo from NIFT whisked their magic wands conjuring an Indian-Fashion-Show there and then!

Highlighting the process that goes into creating designer clothes, the duo gave a presentation on the fashion world in India, and enlightened the girls about the career prospects in fashion designing and studying at NIFT. Stressing on the importance of English in this career, they rejuvenated the girls to learn and study with jest and spirit.

Cracking open the surprise of the day, our little fashionistas were asked to design apparels and then model them! The expression in every glinting eye – *Whoa!!!* But, that wasn’t all of it. The challenge was to ‘create-from-waste’ – an effort to teach the girls how to recycle and make best use of discarded clothes.

Taking the lead, the team from NIFT showed the girls multiple ways of cutting, pasting and creating designs and our little designers got on to work! Rainbow coloured butterflies, shapes of hearts and flowers, old jeans turned into classic accessories, straps of cotton made into ethnic Indian designs, and the creations adorned over the ‘models’ as belts, sashes, neckpieces who then posed for the paparazzi (Ahem, our photographers!)… Well it surely was *awesomeness* at its best!

Our kids have many possible directions to go from here. The current structure is folded only once. But, like paper origami, it is possible to fold multiple times. Step one taken –first stroke made. The beautiful artwork will be created with time.




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